Rockerbox Lives in Brewtown…Rumble!

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With the sell out of Rockerbox to Road America in hopes to bring a hipper crowd to track events, the greedy governess that is RA missed a key ingredient, a consistent brand. That brand was Pilsens’ little brother to the north—Center street and the community grit that tied it together. Can’t serve a steak on a garbage can lid and expect people to want to eat it, ok maybe some with lots of A1 slathered on.





Anyway, Roxerbox the brand, is dead and no matter how many tweets are tweeted, it ain’t gonna happen. Brewtown Rumble is now trying to be the Phoenix from it’s ashes, and to good effect.

Fuelfed member and fellow vintage BMW cycle enthusiast Nate Hill was at our rainy Spontaneous Combustion and was happy to volunteer to be our man on the scene in MKE for the inaugural BR in Pabst City.






In Nate’s words:

The Brewtown Rumble turned out to be a spectacular event on Sunday. Since Rockerbox was moved to Elkhart Lake last year, the Rumble definitely represents a rekindling of a passion for old bikes that will likely endure in this city, hopefully for many years to come. The enthusiasm was palpable as bikes poured in throughout the day, including Fuelfed member Johnny Scheff and gang from Motowerks Chicago.






Lots of vintage euro bikes and artistic creations to be seen — everything from rusty welded monstrosities to the meticulously restored was present.  They had live music, a Miss Brewtown Rumble competition, and award ceremony. Can’t wait until next year!

We want to thank Alex Hawn for letting us borrow some of his extremely talented perspective on the event.

Looks like the grit is back!

The Other North Shore

May 19, 2015 by



An old driver haunt few know about. Go a head and do your Google search, but that won’t get you in.


Spontaneous Combustion Tonight in Glencoe!

May 14, 2015 by


The Tatra T77 Visit

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A few months ago we were hanging out at Shift Focus as our man Frank was concluding a clients’ 1938 Tatra T77 beauty shots and promotional video.




Quite the interesting piece of Czech kit. The historic car was then quickly shuttled off to start the California show circuit.



The large Fuelfed fraternity is vast and well connected, always affording interesting motoring insights.

Time to Drive

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Twenty exotic sports cars of all ages and their Fuelfed drivers are making final preparations for their four hour endurance test we call TFD Series. Four stages and 150 miles of undulating driving bliss. The fun starts this Saturday at 7:30am.

March C&CFTL Recap

April 30, 2015 by
It was a perfect day for non Floridians for the March C&C event. The temps were perfect for my “unthin” blood.  A nice group of cars joined in for the early Sunday fun.
Always nice to meet first timers and see what they bring out. A number of the people joining us have more than one classic in their collection, and we’ll look forward to seeing some of their other cars in the coming months.
The numbers are slowly starting to go in the right direction.  Im excited that we hit double digits this month with 10 cars turning out. Once again a big thanks to Jon van Woerden for taking the great shots of the gathered classics.
Also a shout out to The Floridian for hosting, and making sure we all got more than our share of caffeine! Next event is next Sunday, April 26th!
Cheers, Martin






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C&CWNTKA meet C&CFTL. Hello, nice tan.

Thanks, but that’s just surface rust.



This Sunday morning, Fuelfed North and Fuelfed South will have our first simultaneous Coffee & Classics®. To keep things straight we’ll call our southern brothers C&CFTL. Our man Martin in Fort Lauderdale has been doing a great job pulling some great European Classics out of the surf to join in the camaraderie.



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® This Sunday

April 21, 2015 by

April-coffee-classics .

We’re less than a week out from the first Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® in Winnetka! We’re looking forward to seeing members and greeting new ones.

Please note we’ve made changes to parking and those interested in displaying their vehicles.

Due to extreme popularity & limited space, Coffee & Classics parking will be for paid Fuelfed members displaying their 2015 C&C parking pass and for non-members with European classics who purchase a Guest Day Pass. A limited number of paid Fuelfed Modern European members will be admitted if space allows by showing your membership card.

Numbered Guest Day Passes may be purchased for $5 at the entry point on Lincoln by non-members driving European Classics. The $5 will be credited to membership dues if you join the club within 7 days of attending the event. Day Passes are not intended for repeated attendance; please consider joining if you enjoy yourself.

Sorry, American Classics are not included in Day Passes this year due to space constraints. We’re not trying to be the biggest, only the best for our members. The American Classics you’ll see belong to members who were grandfathered in.

Drivers ENTER AT OAK/LINCOLN from the south side of the event area. Elm at Greenbay is closed to avoid traffic build-up, as are Lincoln and Elm one block north and east of the Lincoln/Elm intersection. Please look at the updated Parking Map for the entry point and parking areas.

2015 C&C Parking Map click to enlarge WinnetkaMap2015

Those who still need to change their oil for the driving season, we have Brad Penn 20w50 in stock for classic enthusiast who knows the value of this purpose grade oil.

Fuelfed TFD 15.1 is Sold Out!

April 17, 2015 by



Our TFD15.1 bootcamp is sold out as usual! We’ve got quite the mix of cars driving this event. From an Azzura Spider & Alfa Guilietta Sprint to Ferrari GTC/4 & 911ST, everyone is guaranteed an exciting driving weekend.


The Privilege of a 1940’s Sport Custom

April 14, 2015 by



We were extremely privileged to see a one of Joe’s incredible never seen in public concept cars from the 1940’s at the Fuelfed season opener this past Sunday. In true Fuelfed spirit Joe proudly drove his priceless 1940 Packard Sport Custom designed by Phil Lacey to our Lake Forest event to educate the crowds on how customs were done back in the day.

Al Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Coachworks in Hollywood, California commissioned Lacey in 1947 to design a show piece for his shop to build. The car was only 36 inches high from ground to top, and featured hand-formed body panels, a stylized grille, and front and rear flared fenders molded around a 122 inch Packard chassis. Doors, deck and hood were all operated by push buttons.

Thanks to Bill Oakes for the photos.





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