FFG100 Early Morning Drive

October 24, 2016 by

What a fabulous morning to gather some Fuelfed founders for a quick coffee run up the northshore. It was nice to see the gang together and fun to see Scanton St. in LB filled to the brim with classics.










Gone But Never Forgotten

October 23, 2016 by


Coffee & Classics Barrington is Cancelled Due to Rain

October 14, 2016 by


Due to inclement weather, Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington is cancelled for Sunday 10.16.16.


Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington This Sunday 10.16.16

October 14, 2016 by



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington has brought out a whole different crop of stunning European classics not seen at the Winnetka C&C. We love member Allen T’s unrestored Aston Martin DB2S above almost as much as he does driving it. Yes, this is the same DB2S at Pebble Beach back in August.

9:00am to 11:00am, September 16th, 2016
The Foundry of Barrington, IL
710 West Northwest Highway (Route 14)

Ambrosia served the coffee & pastry crowd, while Epicure Bistro offered full-on brunch options like the seasoned pros they are.

View Parking Map.

Display Cards

We ask drivers to download windshield display cards and fill out their car’s vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t nearby to chat. Click on image below to enlarge and fill in your data, then print it out.

C&C Display Card

Sonny & Cher Matching Mustangs Go On the Block

October 13, 2016 by


Okay, so it’s not European, but this is too sweet to miss. George Barris pulled two 1966 Ford Mustang convertibles off the assembly line and customized them for Sonny and Cher Bono in late 1965. Hot, Hot, Hot.

198071_interior_web-970x647198072_interior_web-970x647They are going on the auction block this weekend at the Barrett-Jackson sale in Las Vegas. If your heart can stand it, here’s more on the sale from Hemming’s.

Fuelfed Fall Classic Tour This Weekend

October 13, 2016 by



Our fifth annual Fuelfed Fall Classic (FFC) weekend tour has been sold out for weeks and we’re very excited to have another excellent variety of 25 European classics driving along. The FFC tour has earned a long and loyal following for its well chosen and entertaining routes and uniquely cool under-the-radar dining experiences. Always fresh and always fun, it’s a great weekend for the discerning driver and co-pilot.

September Fuelfed Coffee & Classics 2016 Highlights

September 29, 2016 by



As per tradition since 2011, every September we feature Ferrari as a special marque. This event has set the bar pretty high, and this year’s iteration raised it higher again. Yet with all the Italian rolling bravado, our members still brought a great mix of everything classic European.







A few highlights were Mr. Bortz Pebble winning Chrysler Ghia concept car and, of course, the exceedingly exclusive Ferrari 1957 250TR & its sexy younger brother, our poster-boy the 275 Califronia Spider just to start. Not to be out done were the 288GTO & 265GTB.






No less than six 330GTCs in every flavor were on hand.









Everyone in Fuelfed enjoys their investments in different ways. Some by detailing, others by driving the snot out of them. Straight off the Colorado Grand, our Mr. Ruthven likes his Drogo bodied 275 nice and dirty as it should be.





Some use them as weekend activity vehicles. Gullwing bike carrier? Sure.

Overall, the event was at capacity with an estimated 62 Ferraris and 124 Classic Europeans. Like Monterey in August, the surrounding streets are almost as entertaining as those with in the gates.




















Three Roads to Vintage Motorcycling

September 28, 2016 by



By John L. Stein

These are prolific times for classic bikes. The recent Quail Motorcycle Gathering showcased 115 years of motorcycling, from a 1902 California motor bicycle to a 2016 Yamaha FZ07 street tracker, and the record crowd proved that collector bikes of all stripes are growing in popularity – from vintage motocrossers to streetbikes, racers and customs, and from Japanese to European to American – and everything in between. Moreover, entries included dusty survivors, well-preserved originals, letter-perfect restorations, and a slew of custom and modified bikes. Which brings up an actual important question: What’s the best kind of old bike to get, anyway? Here’s one vintage-bike addict’s assessment of whether to go original, restored or modified.




Ride Original
Barn finds are cool, but you can’t do much with them without disturbing their “rust equity.” A good alternative to the period accuracy of a barn find is a well-preserved and usable original. The pros are that your riding experience will be just like 1955 or 1965 or 1975, but the disadvantage is that after so many years, even highly original bikes can need significant refurbishment. And to preserve the originality here, you’ll need costly NOS (new old stock) parts. Reproduction parts are a viable alternative, but with every re-pop part used, the originality drops. In my opinion the best path is patience until you find a low-mileage (under 10,000 miles) original that’s been cared for responsibly. Two quick picks: The elegant Honda CB500/CB550 Four and the simpler Yamaha R5/RD350 two-stroke twin, both of which are totally useful, plentiful and reasonably priced.




Go Full Resto
Besides the word “original,” probably no term in the vintage hobby is sketchier than “restored.” The reason is interpretation. Does “restored” mean the tank and side covers were hung from an apricot tree and painted rattle-can red, with new tires and a seat cover finishing the job? Or does it mean a Pebble Beach-quality restoration performed by an acknowledged marque expert? As such, buying a restored bike – or else taking on a restoration yourself – merits great care. I like author Stephen Covey’s phrase, “Begin with the end in mind” here. Define your desired end result, including the quality, how much you want to spend, and what you’ll do with the finished machine. These factors should then guide your project. One bit of advice: Apply your standard evenly throughout the project. Perfect paint and tired aluminum or plating don’t mix well.




Creatively Customize
Accelerating in popularity among Millennials, building a café racer, bobber, chopper or some other creation from a donor vintage bike is parallel, I suppose, to getting inked. (Said the guy with no ink.) Dismissed by some of the old guard, customs are nevertheless a viable alternative portal into the classic-bike space, and they offer unparalleled freedom of expression. First, you can start with an incomplete rescue bike or even a pile of parts at low cost. Second, you don’t need to locate and pay for the Exact Correct Parts. So that Ducati 350 Scrambler donor bike lacks a front end? One from a Suzuki GT380 will work great! And third, you get to build your bike your way, to your standards. The only downsides to customizing are sacrificing an original bike (that’s between you and your conscience), encountering build challenges beyond your scope (actually great learning moments!), and that sometime down the road, a buyer won’t see the same value in it that you do.

At the end of the day, vintage bikes are just like art. Some folks worship the French masters, some dig Etch-a-Sketch drawings and some like flinging tomato juice onto canvas with a side-valve Harley snorting nitro and wearing a paddle tire wrapped in chains. There’s no right, and no wrong here, so do what you love. Just do it with clarity of purpose. Amen.


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Annual Ferrari Feature at Coffee & Classics

September 20, 2016 by



Our fifth annual Ferrari feature at Coffee & Classics Winnetka is this coming Sunday, September 25th.  With over 60 Ferraris on display, it is one of biggest displays of four-wheeled Italian artistry anywhere. Continental Autosports will be bringing some of their exclusive favorites as well.


With over 160 classic European cars in addition to the Ferraris on display, our September Coffee & Classics is one of most popular car events of the season. As such, there will be no Day Passes or Modern Member cars (Ferrari excluded) allowed in the display areas…sorry.




Fuelfed Wood, Water & Wheels Vintage Day Tour

September 10, 2016 by


Our traditional W3 is a one day vintage tour of well chosen routes through southeastern WI. The tour culminates in Lake Geneva for lunch in Williams Bay, followed by our little private C&C at the Geneva Lakes Antique & Classics Boat Show. Reserved parking over looking the water is provided.  Saturday, September 24.

This is a private event for Fuelfed members & their vintage vehicles only.