The Original Fuelfed 911 Safari

March 25, 2020 by

So nine years ago in 2011, the term 911 Safari didn’t exist. Yet there was a Fuelfed member visionary ahead of his time building his vision of an off-road 911 true to it’s roots. Yes, take note all “Safari Come Lately’s”.

Below is a repost from our original written by Chris Johnson.


Driving the Fantasy


fuelfed 911 safari rothmans cam

Words and images submitted by Fuelfed founding member Chris J.

As a senior in high school, I can remember reading books and magazine articles about the already iconic Porsche 911. It was a time when staring at the pictures was my only hope at experiencing this particular dream of my youth.


fuelfed 911 safari rothmans cam


For the 1984 Paris-Dakar Ralley, Porsche’s works-backed Rothmans team entered three specially prepared four-wheel drive 911’s known as the 953. The #176 car was piloted by Rene Metge and Dominic Lemoyne to a first place finish, beating their nearest competitor by well over two hours.


fuelfed 911 safari rothmans cam


Last week, I got to drive one of these visions from the past. Based on a 964 C4, this faithful reproduction lurks about Chicago’s Northshore. High above the pavement, fully caged and hardly muffled, I could barely control the urge to find a mound of sand and get the beast air-born. Although the owner/builder is almost a generation younger than me, he exudes an enthusiasm for the great cars of the past with a penchant for marketing to those who wish to recapture their adolescent fantasies.


fuelfed 911 safari rothmans cam original


This one will be for sale soon, the first one he built based on a 911SC, sold for $70k.

Keep the shiney side up…Chris


Fuelfed Virtual Cocktail Toast

March 18, 2020 by


As our members know, tonight was one in our series of cocktail gatherings in the towns that support Fuelfed events. In light of what has effected our daily lives and our inability to socialize as we like, we are having a virtual toast on Fuelfed Book ( and Instagram (@fuelfedcarclub) to all our Fuelfed members and to those helping and suffering in this rough time.
So at 7:00pm tonight start posting pics and comments of your favorite cocktail or beverage using the #fuelfedcocktails2020

Fuelfed Drive Season Start-Up Party

March 4, 2020 by


Looking forward to the Fuelfed private member Drive Season Startup gathering this evening.

Fine wine, local craft beer, and great conversations with other members in an intimate tasting lounge.


1950 Morris Minor Tourer

March 1, 2020 by


Many of you will recognize this stunning little Morris as a staple at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Winnetka. The owner has decided to move it forward to the next steward love and cherish as he has done.



In the owners words:

In 2011 we purchased this Morris Minor Tourer. This vehicle is the earliest model the “Series Morris Minor Export Model.” The car was widened 4″ at the last moment before production after the bumpers had been produced. To keep costs down, the bumpers were cut in half and a fillet was placed in the open space. This process continued until the end of 1950 when the original supply of bumpers was exhausted.While tens of thousands of these cars were built, there are few left today. The series MM is the rarest Morris Minor model. There are approximately a dozen known 1950 left-hand drive tourers in the world.



Before we owned our Morris, it was lovingly restored to exacting original standards by Bill and Margaret LeMaster of Oregon who owned the car for 54 years. Before that it was owned by Margaret’s father. It has the original 918cc side valve engine. All the numbers match and the production number is 59,990. The car was built on August 15, 1950 and was exported to the United States, It has a rare factory installed heater.

Since purchasing the car we have replaced the tires with new radials, rebuilt the brakes, installed a new battery (11/19), battery cables, speedo cable, fixed a gas leak in the engine compartment, installed a new gas tank with sending unit, had the petrol gauge rebuilt and added seat belts. The starter and pinion gear have been rebuilt. The worn out ring gear has been replaced. While we were at it, we replaced the clutch assembly. New gaskets were ordered and installed. The car is fun to drive and has won numerous awards at the British Car Show and other places.


Contact the seller.


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Robot Makers Among Us!

February 4, 2020 by

Proud to support these 7th graders as they raise their own money to fund their automated robot builds of their own design. They’ve made it to the state championship against more experienced high schoolers. Fuelfed members donated at the robot demo during our swap meet to make their quest possible.

Countdown to the Fuelfed Swap Meet

January 22, 2020 by

Eleven days until our 7th annual Classic Swap Meet @thelastdetailchicago. 2019 had Ed and Mark’s table filled with vintage alloy Maserati and British bling.

Fuelfed Heritage

January 18, 2020 by

A new era has just arrived. Are you passionate enough?

Fuelfed MotorGearo Registration

January 13, 2020 by

The Fuelfed 2020 MotorGearo 250 on June 12-13 is open for registration.

Above is the red section from the 2019 line-up.

Autumnal Vibes

January 10, 2020 by

Fuelfed Fall Classic vibes. Vintage touring with our brother and sisters.

Driving Wide

January 3, 2020 by

David going a little wide in his E-type during Stage 1 of 2019 Motorgearo.

Registration for 2020 opens Monday.