Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Thiensville This Sunday 9.15

September 12, 2019 by


Our Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Thiensville this Sunday morning 9.15 from 9:00am to 11:00am.

Yes, it’s the Historics at Road America, so join us before you head up or on your way home from Elkhart.

We honor the old Mill Race Motors location at Greenbay Rd. and Elm in downtown Thiensville.

Shully’s will be serving coffee and pastries.

Come join us for some vintage European camaraderie.

FOR SALE: Mike’s Mercedes C36 AMG

September 10, 2019 by


When it’s time to move on and you reflect on your ownership of a fast gaining classic Mercedes C36. Fuelfed member Mike B. gives his perspective.

The C36 is a special car. It represents the only time a customer could purchase a car modified by AMG at the AMG plant and backed by the warranty, quality, and reliability of Mercedes. For more model history and detailed description of the special improvements of the C36, read this great Motor Trend write up from ’95.



This C36 is a special car to me. In 1996, ~334 total C36’s were shipped to North America, ~150 in black. I purchased this C36 in April of 2013 from the 4th owner with 89,XXX miles and have used it as a daily driver 9 months of the year since then. Today its a mid-mileage car with 137,XXX miles. It’s the perfect practical car during the week, its rarity turns heads at car events, and pure nirvana on twisty roads like the famous Fuelfed Final Drive which I’ve driven the C36 twice. I lovingly use only Meguiars products to keep the black paint and interior looking great. Mechanically, the car is solid, everything works, air blows cold and hot, the harnesses and head gasket were both addressed prior to my ownership and neither have given me any issues. The car is outfitted with brand new Nitto Motivo performance all season tires on C32/CLK AMG wheels and a recent service at MBS automotive in Northbrook. The multi spoke wheels give the car a modern look. if the mono blocks are desired, they can be found easily. The Bose stereo has been upgraded to a Continental Bluetooth head unit and the rear mounted 6 disk CD changer and antenna have been disconnected. The original radio and radio code will be included with the sale. The Interior appears new except for some discoloring on the steering wheel and the shift knob and a small crack in the clear coat of the burl wood cup holder cover. The rest of the wood is in excellent condition. The original C36 branded floor mats and a set of weathertech rubber mats are included.



The car is not flawless. The shocks are leaking a little and should be rebuilt soon, and the right front ball joint should be replaced. In 2009 a minor incident is reported on the driver side resulting in some paint work, but no residual evidence of structural damage. The paint has some nicks and deeper scratches as expected with a daily driver and there are a few small rust spots appearing on the fenders. These blemishes can easily be addressed by a competent paint shop resulting in a stunning future classic!

I am a Mercedes enthusiast and have taken every effort to keep the car in excellent condition and use Mercedes or OEM quality parts during my ownership. Here is a link to my maintenance file on the car. I have a receipt for every line item not marked “home” and a copy of the Carfax report. How can I claim to love this car so much and still sell it? I purchased a red one.

Email Mike to learn more.

Link to more Photos.

Price: $9,750



Back to Nature

September 7, 2019 by

Another exotic find while on vacation in MI. You have to always stop and look. This one keeping in the Maserati/Lambo/Detamaso theme for Sunday in Barrington.

And no, that won’t buff out.

Maserati & Lambo Feature This Sunday in Barrington

September 5, 2019 by

This Sunday morning September 8th, we feature vintage Maseratis and Lamborghinis at The Foundry in Barrington. Coffee & Classics Barrington always a different mix of vintage European cars at this event that never show anywhere else.

Please refer to Coffee & Classics guideline page for details.

The Perfect Profile

August 31, 2019 by

What a great MGTC. After long-lasting conversations, he was the last to exit Indian Hill.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Since 2010

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Fuelfed has a long history with Winnetka and it’s hard to believe we’re almost through our tenth season of Coffee & Classics. We are grateful for the residents and the village that have supported our events all these years. One of our proudest accomplishments over the years is educating the next generation of car enthusiasts. We’ve received hundreds of emails thanking us of for quality events and keeping it true to what our classic culture is all about…camaraderie.

But we received a recent email that struck a real chord. The above picture is from 2011 and picture below is from 2019. A father and son tradition to be proud of.


Coffee and Classics Winnetka This Sunday

August 23, 2019 by

This Sunday August 25th we feature one if the great marques of Germany…Mercedes Benz. Mercedes manufactured before 1990 will be allowed to display.

Please note that are we are temporarily relocating to Greenbay Rd. & Winnetka Ave. due to construction.


Our Club Event Guidelines

1. We do not allow any soliciting, nor marketing of your car, events, or services at any Fuelfed events. Our spotters will remove and record your efforts.

2. Coffee & Classics is a private club event for current Fuelfed club members. However, if you have a classic European car manufactured prior to 1990, you can make a donation of $10 at the main gate to show your car. We encourage you to join Fuelfed and your $10 will be credited to your membership dues.

3. Please arrive at 9:00am, not 8:30am. And, do not park in the row next to the tracks; that is for Metra riders.

4. Those posting pictures online, we ask that give the courtesy to let others know you were at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. And yes. Fuelfed has an official Instagram account #fuelfedcarclub.



We want to thank our quality partners in alpha order:



Catalyst Communications

Continental AutoSports

The Finish line, Inc.

Imports Unlimited

Northshore Sportscars

Perfect Power

The Last Detail

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Hinsdale This Sunday

August 16, 2019 by

Coffee & Classics Hinsdale returns for August. The fabulously intimate Fuelfed club gathering takes place in downtown Hinsdale from 9 to 11:00am on Sunday the 18th. No need to go to Starbucks, Café La Fortuna will be on site serving java and pastries.

Coffee & Classics is private club event. There is no “for sale” signs or solicitation of any kind allowed at our events.

Big Thanks to Northshore Sports Cars

August 16, 2019 by

Big thanks to Michelle and Norb northshoresportscars for hosting a great Fuelfed Garage Night.

New dad Nick even made an appearance.

Classics cars, camaraderie and Silo pizza…mmm…tasty good stuff!

Fuelfed Garage Night Tonight

August 15, 2019 by

Looking forward tonight’s private member Garage Night.
All Fuelfed member cars are welcome.