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Feels Good to Gather

May 16, 2021

It’s been a year and a half since we were able to gather on the street anywhere and Barrington was the first invite us back and we and hundreds of others were happy come. Our new format and location is an upgrade from the Foundry. So good to see old friends and greet new ones.

The Gentleman Driver

April 27, 2020

Fuelfed member George K. taking his E-Type through its paces during an early morning exercise. Top down mask on is the new norm…for now.

Filming the Icon

November 18, 2019

Filming the Stratos bio when it was warmish.

Fuelfed FFC19 Droptop

October 21, 2019

George and Jan drop the back half of their 2002 Targa to better enjoy the great weather (finally) on FFC19.

Fall Classic in the Country

October 19, 2019

A few members out for a Fall Classic weekend in the country.

The Fuelfed Fall Classic is Here

October 18, 2019

Two days to the 8th annual Fuelfed Fall Classic Rally. Excited about the great mix of classics this year with the British leading the way.

Coffee and Classics Winnetka This Sunday

August 23, 2019

This Sunday August 25th we feature one if the great marques of Germany…Mercedes Benz. Mercedes manufactured before 1990 will be allowed to display.

Please note that are we are temporarily relocating to Greenbay Rd. & Winnetka Ave. due to construction.


Our Club Event Guidelines

1. We do not allow any soliciting, nor marketing of your car, events, or services at any Fuelfed events. Our spotters will remove and record your efforts.

2. Coffee & Classics is a private club event for current Fuelfed club members. However, if you have a classic European car manufactured prior to 1990, you can make a donation of $10 at the main gate to show your car. We encourage you to join Fuelfed and your $10 will be credited to your membership dues.

3. Please arrive at 9:00am, not 8:30am. And, do not park in the row next to the tracks; that is for Metra riders.

4. Those posting pictures online, we ask that give the courtesy to let others know you were at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. And yes. Fuelfed has an official Instagram account #fuelfedcarclub.



We want to thank our quality partners in alpha order:



Catalyst Communications

Continental AutoSports

The Finish line, Inc.

Imports Unlimited

Northshore Sportscars

Perfect Power

The Last Detail

Fuelfed Garage Night Tonight

August 15, 2019

Looking forward tonight’s private member Garage Night.
All Fuelfed member cars are welcome.

Zuffengruppe the Pusher

August 9, 2019


You see them everywhere. Coffee & Classics, MotorGearo and McDonalds.
Red one, blue ones, black ones, older ones that are faster than you.
Some have four, some have 6. All are flat.
Some are boosted, some are outlawed. All are meant to be driven.
If you can’t get enough for your air-cooled high, then Zuffengruppe 2 will be your hallowed pusher.

Beautiful Twin Lakes, WI will play host to 100s of vintage air-cooled Porsches from 11:00 to 3:00pm this Sunday 8.11.19.



Winnetka 4th of July Parade Classics

July 4, 2019

Gary leads the Fuelfed cars in this mornings’ 4th of July parade in Winnetka.