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Through, Wind & Snow…

April 14, 2019

Tough group these Fuelfed members. Despite the snow, they came. Each wondering who was crazy enough to drive their classic on what appeared to be February 14 and not April 14. 26 members made the trek to Lake Forest. Some in moderns, most in classics. All were happy to be there. Three years now it either snowed or sleeted on what we should call the SNOPEN.

Fuelfed Lake Forest OPEN this Sunday Morning

April 12, 2019

So every April our OPEN in Lake Forest either snows or rains sideways. As our popular T-Shirt says: “Always Cooler by the Lake”. These two hardy members braved it in 2018. This Sunday looks to continue that tradition.

#Canaffeine coffee will be there to help ease the cold.

Looking forward to it.

Members know the details.

Fuelfed Rolling River Rally 2019

April 10, 2019


Fuelfed members have been asking for an interesting day drive and one that does not go to Wisconsin. In our constant quest to do things that are original, we decided to go south and visit our industrial roots.

On Saturday, May 11, we are teaming up with Rambler (no, not the car) to do a combined rally along the ICM canal and the Illinois river south to the hip warehouse district in downtown Peoria. We’ll conclude our drive with a closed-street classic car / motorcycle show with with local merchants offering moto-outdoor goods, food & drink.

This Fuelfed event starts at 8:00am and to meet-up with the Rambler guys at 10:30. They will lead us along their favorite routes following the majestic rolling tree-lined hills of the Illinois river. The street fest will start when we arrive around 12:30pm.

We’ll depart Peoria for Chicagoland around 4:00pm.

The Rolling River Rally is open to all Classic and Modern Fuelfed member cars.

Fuelfed Members Only.


Fuelfed MotorGearo 250

April 5, 2019

We’re six weeks out for our 4th annual MotorGearo 250. This Fuelfed vintage road rally has garnered the well-earned reputation for serious driving along well-planned routes, the best local cuisine and nightly cocktails. All packed in two quick days.

More at

Member Cocktails This Wednesday

April 2, 2019

Looking forward to our second member Drive Season Start Up cocktail gathering Wednesday evening.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL This Sunday Morning

March 30, 2019

For those in the Fort Lauderdale area this weekend, we are having our Coffee & Classics this Sunday morning starting at 8:00am.

Join our southern brothers as they bring it to the streets and ditch the stale parking lot. Join them at 21 SW 7th St, Fort Lauderdale, 33301-2823.

Same Horsepower Delivered Different Ways

March 26, 2019

Made the same year, in the same town, yet worlds apart. Neal’s 944 TurboS and Bob’s widebody AMG Hammer on a cocktail break during FFC18.

Fuelfed 2019 Swap Meet Continues Success

March 23, 2019



The Fuelfed Classic European Parts & Memorabilia Swap Meet is and has always been a special experience. Since its inception six years ago, it has always been held at The Last Detail in North Chicago. Tom and Brian always have something interesting on display and in progress. The one of three Iso Griffo Specials was naked in the spray booth for all to look up its skirt. And, the room of Rolls was open to wander into as well, and what a treat.





2019 saw several new vendors including Ed and Mark, with a spread of vintage British bits and collectables. Gail brought her hand-made jewelry made of old car parts; some we’re sure were formerly Ed’s. Michael brought vintage motor art that was sold for charity and raised $900 for the morning. Not too shabby. Motorcultura was there with garage signage, Motorivet Gloves and the quite popular Canaffeine Coffee. The retro coffee cans were offered in two designs: Maranello & Gmund. Yes, Porsche edged out Ferrari in sales again. Yep, the ever-popular author Burt Levy was at it again, as were Lou, Rex, John and Hagerty to name a few.










But what sets our event off has always been the camaraderie. Yes, the lost art of conversation lives strong in this hearty group as members always seem excited to see each other after the holidays. The venue and petroliana shopping conspire to enhance the babbling. What better way to spend a winter’s morning?





















Drivers Club

March 18, 2019

Just another rainy drive with some members. No garage queens here.

Fun Member Gathering

March 16, 2019

Nice member gathering last night in Wilmette to start off the drive season.