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Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® Next Sunday

April 21, 2015

April-coffee-classics .

We’re less than a week out from the first Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® in Winnetka! We’re looking forward to seeing members and greeting new ones.

Please note we’ve made changes to parking and those interested in displaying their vehicles.

Due to extreme popularity & limited space, Coffee & Classics parking will be for paid Fuelfed members displaying their 2015 C&C parking pass and for non-members with European classics who purchase a Guest Day Pass. A limited number of paid Fuelfed Modern European members will be admitted if space allows.

Numbered Guest Day Passes may be purchased for $5 at the entry point on Lincoln by non-members driving European Classics. The $5 will be credited to membership dues if you join the club within 7 days of attending the event. Day Passes are not intended for repeated attendance; please consider joining if you enjoy yourself.

Sorry, American Classics are not included in Day Passes this year due to space constraints. We’re not trying to be the biggest, only the best for our members. The American Classics you’ll see belong to members who were grandfathered in.

Drivers ENTER AT OAK/LINCOLN from the south side of the event area. Elm at Greenbay is closed to avoid traffic build-up, as are Lincoln and Elm one block north and east of the Lincoln/Elm intersection. Please look at the updated Parking Map for the entry point and parking areas.

2015 C&C Parking Map click to enlarge WinnetkaMap2015

Those who still need to change their oil for the driving season, we have Brad Penn 20w50 in stock for classic enthusiast who knows the value of this purpose grade oil.

Fuelfed TFD 15.1 is Sold Out!

April 17, 2015



Our TFD15.1 bootcamp is sold out as usual! We’ve got quite the mix of cars driving this event. From an Azzura Spider & Alfa Guilietta Sprint to Ferrari GTC/4 & 911ST, everyone is guaranteed an exciting driving weekend.


The Privilege of a 1940’s Sport Custom

April 14, 2015



We were extremely privileged to see a one of Joe’s incredible never seen in public concept cars from the 1940’s at the Fuelfed season opener this past Sunday. In true Fuelfed spirit Joe proudly drove his priceless 1940 Packard Sport Custom designed by Phil Lacey to our Lake Forest event to educate the crowds on how customs were done back in the day.

Al Fitzpatrick of Fitzpatrick Coachworks in Hollywood, California commissioned Lacey in 1947 to design a show piece for his shop to build. The car was only 36 inches high from ground to top, and featured hand-formed body panels, a stylized grille, and front and rear flared fenders molded around a 122 inch Packard chassis. Doors, deck and hood were all operated by push buttons.

Thanks to Bill Oakes for the photos.




Fuelfed Member in the Wall Street Journal

April 12, 2015



You’ve seen Tim driving one of his many British and German classics at Coffee & Classics and Spontaneous Combustions. Our FFG100 member was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal last month. This time Tim discusses his FFotW two year project.



The Fuelfed OPEN This Sunday in Lake Forest

April 10, 2015



Finally! The big rains have come and gone taking with them the evil salt. We celebrate this annual transition with our driving season kick-off with The OPEN.

The OPEN is for all American or European classic, modern sports or super cars. In other words, a big family reunion of sorts.

SUNDAY, APRIL 12, 2015
8:00AM -11:00AM

Click here for map

Market House on the Square Restaurant & Starbucks are right there and will be happy to accommodate all your caffeine and hunger needs.

If you like, we have windshield display sheets for drivers to fill out their cars vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click to enlarge the display card below and print as many as you want.

Download OPEN display sheets here.

cars n coffee, chicago

Drive Your Right to Vote

April 6, 2015



For those of us who have lived in Chicago long enough to know better, know there’s always political shenanigans, especially during voting season. We liked the lawn signs that read: Chicago irlandés para Chuy or in other words: Chicago Irish for Chuy. The above photo takes the cake on all levels.

Regardless of your persuasion, get out and vote for the smartest candidate.
And of course vote twice. Phuy would.


Fuelfed Fall Classic 2014

April 2, 2015



Sasha & Robert were among the many couples enjoying the splendid fall weather on our Fuelfed Fall Classic weekend back in October of 2014. Sasha was smart enough to jump out and grab this characteristic shot as we waited for Sabeo & Margret to catch up.

Member Submitted…

March 31, 2015




We love it when people send in Fuelfed sticker spottings from around town & the world.





Let the Hazing Begin

March 28, 2015



Twenty five classic cars driving 500 miles of twisty roads in 25 hours doesn’t sound like a lot. But in a Lancia Aurelia, Triumph TR4 or 911ST, the demands on driver skills are a little more involved than in a sleepy S4.

Some call it fraternity hazing, others driver boot camp. We call it TFD15.1.



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL This Sunday Morning

March 26, 2015

03.15_C&CFTL-01 .

We are getting close to the weather permitting Winnetka & Fort Lauderdale (FTL) having Coffee & Classics events at the same time. A north & south convergence if you will. It’s March, so FTL will have to carry us one more month.

Read more of when & where C&CFTL happens.


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