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The 7th Annual Fuelfed Coffee & Classics This Sunday April 24th in Winnetka

April 22, 2016



It’s here, it’s here, it here!

The first Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® of 2016. Yes, the legendary classic European car event is back in beautiful east down town Winnetka this Sunday morning April 24th.

Due to extreme popularity, Coffee & Classics® parking will be for paid Fuelfed members displaying their 2016 C&C parking pass and for non-members with European classics who purchase a Guest Day Pass. A limited number of paid Fuelfed Modern European members will be admitted if space allows by showing your membership card.

Numbered Guest Day Passes may be purchased for $5 at the entry point on Lincoln by non-members driving European Classics. The $5 will be credited to membership dues if you join the club within 7 days of attending the event.

Parking starts at 8:45am.

We ask that participants use our official display cards to allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click on image below to enlarge and fill in your data, then print it out.

C&C Display Card

2016 C&C Display Card


2016 C&C Parking Map. Click it to enlarge.


Finally, Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® is a private club event for our members and those interested in joining. The public is welcome spectate. However, those caught soliciting our members for services, products or activities outside Fuelfed authorization will be escorted out. 


Despite the 34 Degrees & Rain…

April 10, 2016



Despite everyone’s best guess and app studying to call the OPEN, we ran it anyway. Regardless of the 34 degrees & rain, the 2016 Fuelfed season OPENer in Lake Forest still saw 24 classics and quite a few moderns. Probably the nastiest weather in the history of Fuelfed events and yet most everyone stuck it out and chatted it up until 11:00am.





We’re proud we have some die hard enthusiasts where good conversation is more important than staying warm and dry. But that’s Chicago we guess.














Fuelfed Season OPENer This Sunday Morning in Lake Forest

April 7, 2016



After five long cold months of hibernation, it is finally here…the OPENer for the 2016 driving season. It all begins this Sunday April 10th, in Lake Forest. We meet from 8:00am to 11:00am.

While our original famous Coffee & Classics series has always been exclusively for European classic cars, not all members’ collections are strictly focused on a certain marque or genre. True enthusiasts like variety and our OPEN brings it. Never before seen GM concept cars from the 1950s all the way into the future with Porsche 918s. This the event that continues to bring out Chicagoland’s top collector cars.




The OPEN is for all Fuelfed members and their American or European classic, modern sports or super cars. In other words, a big family reunion of sorts.

SUNDAY, APRIL 10, 2016
SUNDAY, JUNE 12, 2016

8:00AM -11:00AM

NEW WEATHER POLICY: So everyone knows to show up or not, please check for the hourly weather forecast one hour before the start of the event. Events will be automatically canceled if the forecast for the start time is 60% or greater chance of rain in the town in which it is being held.

Click here for map

Market House on the Square Restaurant & Starbucks are right there and will be happy to accommodate all your caffeine and hunger needs.




If you like, we have windshield display sheets for drivers to fill out their cars vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click to enlarge the display card below and print as many as you want.

Download OPEN display sheets here.

The Last Leg to the Sun

April 5, 2016



Stage four MotorGearo 250 day one. The long run down to the river is always the most rewarding and spiritual for any driver. Forty small displacement classics will experience this rare moment on June 3rd.


Fuelfed Classic Ride Sharing Launch!

April 1, 2016



After years of popular demand, Fuelfed has launched it’s own ride share service. The new “Cuber” and will now hit the streets in classic Volvos and MK1 Jettas debuting in the Portland Pearl district starting today.

The downloadable smart phone app allows easy ride share requests at the touch of the retro Blaupunkt interface. Just hit the yellow reject button and a well groomed bearded driver will arrive in just a few hours to amaze you with his three pedal skills. Rides are limited to and from coffee houses and breweries for now, but plans to expand to Whole Foods are in the works.



Our MotorGearo Facebook Page is Live

March 29, 2016



Our MotorGearo 250 Facebook page is live.

Go give it a little love and post some of your vintage Euro small displacement pics.



The Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 Call for Entries

March 25, 2016



You’ve got the classic European car. You’ve spent endless hours and dollars getting it to a point where you’re proud of it’s cosmetic and mechanical prowess. Now what? Coffee & Classics? Putter around town on a sunny Saturday? Sure. But deep down you’ve always thought about what it would be like to drive it as it was meant. Enter the Fuelfed MotorGearo 250.




The Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 is our vintage European road rally held June 3-4, 2016. This is a curated driving event for small displacement vehicles running over two days from New Glarus to Prairie du Chien, WI. Eight well sorted stages of varying topographical road courses are designed to give smaller vehicles a great driving experience.




The Fuelfed MG250 combines vintage European cars and motorcycles. The MG250 is limited to twenty cars, 3 liters and under manufactured prior to 1990 and 20 motorcycles 1000cc and under prior to 1978. 40 vehicles total.

We will curate the entrant vehicles based on varied criteria, but over all, on unique diversity. We want everyone to be excited they are driving/riding with other smaller classics they would otherwise never have an opportunity to experience on the open road.




The MG250 is a drive at your own pace event and not a time-speed-distance-trial. So there is no pressure to go fast or drive beyond your comfort level and is suitable for the novice. This not a guided tour either. You will be given a turn by turn map/directions to navigate. Two vehicles in each car group will have GPS’s with routes loaded. Motorcycles will have turn by turn maps/directions. Your goal is to have fun be on time for lunch and finish line receptions each day.




Each stage is carefully routed to provide different challenges and a great diving cadence. Each stage takes roughly 60 to 90 minutes to complete with 30 minute rest / refuel / hydrate. The beautifully quaint small town lunch locations separate the days four stages. Friday & Saturday will run completely different routes.

There will be chase vehicles in case of breakdowns and workers at every stage to guide drivers/riders.

Friday starts around the village square in New Glarus and finishes at a supper club/golf course on the river in PDC with a cocktail & refreshment reception. Dinner to follow. Shuttle to/from dinner & hotels provided if needed.




Saturday starts at the same supper club/golf course and concludes in NewGlarus around the village square with a dirty concours and awards, followed with reception and dinner at the New Glarus Hotel.

Entry fee covers all meals, refreshments, event swag (maps, grill badge, car magnets…etc…). We have blocks of hotels at discounted rates reserved for the event. We recommend arriving the evening of Thursday, June 2 before the event.

Inquire here about registering for the Fuelfed MotorGearo 250. 


The Future’s So Bright, We’re Gonna Ride Chaise

March 15, 2016



After years of driver aide-nannies and “everybody’s a winner” wimps, we now have confirmed our worst nightmares: The future of BMW.

Peter DeLorenzo rants it the long way.

After being relatively optimistic about BMW’s next 100 years in last week’s column, I now have to take at least 50 percent of that optimism back. Make that 90 percent. Because when you really delve into the future-think that BMW’s throwing around, it should make every Bimmer enthusiast’s blood run cold. And everyone else’s for that matter.   

BMW CEO Harald Krueger actually said the following last week: “For a better quality of life, the BMW Group is going to turn data into intelligence. Soon, our cars will be digital chauffeurs and personal companions. They will anticipate what we want to do and make our lives easier for us.”

Oh, really? This corporate gobbledygook emanated – I hate to have to say this – from the BMW Design staff. Normally, designers stay away from this kind of unmitigated bullshit, but Karim Habib, head of design for the BMW brand, described BMW’s semi-autonomous mode as “The Companion.” “It is the analogy of the co-pilot who is there to help you be a better driver,” Habib said.

“You have someone next to you who will metaphorically help you take a curve better and enjoy driving to the maximum.” Sure. Memo to enthusiasts everywhere: Run for your lives, because this whole “autonomous” driving thing has now officially transitioned to the Dark Side.

Habib reports to Adrian van Hooydonk, senior vice president for BMW Group Design, who also endorsed this line of bullshit. But Habib wasn’t through, oh no, because he also said this: “We believe the brand is at the cusp of many new opportunities with new technologies for the brand to go from the Ultimate Driving Machine, to the Ultimate Driver.”

No, Karim, you and your fellow card-carrying wankers at BMW have just signed the death knell for the brand. BMW grew to become one of the leading enthusiast cars in its first century for a reason (several actually), but we are now faced with the prospect of the brand abandoning those reasons to become just another entry in the robo-car sweepstakes.

Our “personal companion”? I’m sorry, but what touchy-feely, jasmine-infused wellness hose are these guys drinking from? None of what they’re talking about has anything to do with the act of driving, instead it has everything to do with the act of acquiescing, as in, sit back and don’t worry, because your driving days are over, pal. From this point on, you’re going to be leaving the “driving” to us.

Well, “Leave the Driving to Us” worked just fine as an ad slogan for Greyhound, where it belongs, but it has nothing to do with BMW. Or at least the BMW that used to be, apparently.

Oh well. We all saw this day coming, but I think most of us were pretending it would just go away, or it would arrive in some benign fashion that wouldn’t be too hard to swallow.

Fuelfed OPEN November 2015 Lake Forest

March 14, 2016



The Lake Forest OPEN always draws a great mix of all classics. Last November was no exception. From Joe’s incredible Amelia winner Maserati A6G Berlinetta to the other Joe’s one off custom 1940’s black Lincoln. Even Tom Cotter started his newest road trip book at the OPEN. Just four weeks to April’s 2016 season kick off.





Click on the thumbnails below to enlarge.


2016 Fuelfed Buttons

March 10, 2016



One of the Fuelfed items that has become very popular is our buttons.

One our favorite stories was when one of our members was at the Rennsport Reunion this past summer and saw several buttons on different attendees. Finally he had to ask, and sure enough they were from Chicago. One story led to another and off they went to the beer tent.

We take great pride in what we do and the quality of design we surround our Fuelfed brand with. Our 2016 release raises the bar again. Find them at the yellow table at all of our events and on European classic car enthusiasts everywhere.


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