Fuelfed Garage Night



In an event series for our members we call Fuelfed Garage Night, we focus on all types of Chicagoland garages. Yes, that magical place where things get done. Things that make our vehicles faster, cleaner or meaner. That place where Fuelfed was born in the wee morning hours on a hot summer night.

Regardless of some of the multi-million dollar European classics that grace our Coffee & Classics events, Fuelfed is not about prestige, but the camaraderie we share when one is able to connect on a higher mechanical level.

Fuelfed Garage Night allows our members to get up close and personal for a few hours of intimate conversation with those who literally drive the Fuelfed Spirit with their hands, skill and passion.

This is a Members Only event.


2020 Garage Night Dates:


Thursday, April 16:  POSTPONED

Spring Garage Night – Drive Season Mechanical Preparedness

If you’ve been to Northshore Sportscars, you know that owner and longtime Fuelfed member Norb Bries has a display room filled with British and European sports cars. The shop area is equally intriguing.

Northshore Sportscar’s Veteran classic car guru Keith Pickard will lead a focused demo and discussion on what each of us needs to do in preparing our classics for the coming drive season. Keith will touch on more than just basic fluids, battery and tire checks, but what to look, listen and feel for in suspension, brakes, body and engine. Those running in the Fuelfed Motorgearo or those who enjoy driving and maintaining their vehicles will be well served to attend.

   Northshore Sportscars
   1225 Rockland Rd, Rte 176
   Lake Bluff, IL

Fuelfed Members Only.

About Northshore Sportscars: 

Northshore Sportscars is one of the few authorized Morgan Dealers in the United States featuring the Morgan 3 Wheeler. They have both new and pre-owned Morgan car models available for immediate delivery. And, you can order a new Morgan to your personal specifications.

They also offer a handpicked selection of vintage British and European sports cars. Classic Alfa Romeos, Austin Healeys, Jaguars, MGs, Mercedes, Morgan, Lotus, Triumphs, and Porsches are typically available for purchase. Norb and his team enjoy educating visitors on the finer aspects of different makes and what ownership will be like. Their sportscars, which cover a broad budget range, are well suited to first time buyers as well as sophisticated collectors who appreciate quality.


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