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Fuelfed Garage Night Tonight

August 15, 2019

Looking forward tonight’s private member Garage Night.
All Fuelfed member cars are welcome.

Zuffengruppe the Pusher

August 9, 2019


You see them everywhere. Coffee & Classics, MotorGearo and McDonalds.
Red one, blue ones, black ones, older ones that are faster than you.
Some have four, some have 6. All are flat.
Some are boosted, some are outlawed. All are meant to be driven.
If you can’t get enough for your air-cooled high, then Zuffengruppe 2 will be your hallowed pusher.

Beautiful Twin Lakes, WI will play host to 100s of vintage air-cooled Porsches from 11:00 to 3:00pm this Sunday 8.11.19.



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Douglas, MI This Saturday Morning

August 1, 2019


We are very pleased to bring our quality Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® for the second time to beautiful downtown Douglas, Michigan. As is the Fuelfed tradition of bringing our events to unique, vibrant and deserving communities, Harbor Country is well served to be the new hub for western Michigan’s classic European car culture.



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Douglas (C&CDM) is only focused on classic European cars and providing a special venue for local owners to share their automotive passion in the early morning format Fuelfed is known for since 2010.

For 2019 we are starting with three dates:

Saturday mornings: August 3, October 5.
9:00am to 11:00am
Center & Main in downtown Douglas

Parking: Open street parking. Please obey the traffic laws and NO standing in the street.

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Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Winnetka This Sunday 7.28.19

July 25, 2019


Proud to feature MG, Triumph & Austin Healey this Sunday morning in Winnetka.

Due to construction that has started on the both Oak and Cherry St. bridges, we ask drivers to enter on Oak as usual, but from the east. Tower to Sheridan or Winnetka Ave. to Sheridan are your only options. You will not be able to enter from Greenbay Rd.

Sorry all Winnetka events will be for current Fuelfed members and featured marques only. This means no Day-Pass for your 2019 Lambo and your buddies R8.

Coffee & Classics This Sunday in Thiensville

July 20, 2019

Our Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Thiensville this Sunday morning 7.21 from 9:00am to 11:00am.

Yes, it’s the Historics at Road America, so join us before you head up to Elkhart.

We honor the old Mill Race Motors location at Greenbay Rd. and Elm in downtown Thiensville.

Shully’s will be serving coffee and pastries.

Come join us for some vintage European camaraderie.

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Barrington This Sunday, July 14

July 12, 2019


While Fuelfed has the well earned reputation for top collector cars, our Coffee & Classics is open all vintage European cars. The elder products of the largest European manufacturer have been shy to join in. So this Sunday C&C Barrington is featuring VW to offer a warm and welcoming 13mm wrench to our Wolfsburg brothers.


9:00am to 11:00am, July 14, 2019
The Foundry of Barrington, IL
710 West Northwest Highway (Route 14)


Ambrosia will be serving up coffee & pastries, and Region will have coffee and grab-n-go breakfast burritos & fruit.


Our Club Event Guidelines

1. We do not allow any soliciting, nor marketing of your car, events, or services at any Fuelfed events. Our spotters will remove and record your efforts.

2. Coffee & Classics is a private club event for current Fuelfed club members. However, if you have a classic European car manufactured prior to 1990, you can make a donation of $10 at the main gate to show your car. We encourage you to join Fuelfed and your $10 will be credited to your membership dues.

3. Please arrive at 9:00am, not 8:30am. And, do not park in spots reserved for Tensile Strength or Coldwell Banker.

4. Those posting pictures online, we ask that give the courtesy to let others know you were at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. And yes. Fuelfed has an official Instagram account #fuelfedcarclub.




View Parking Map.


Display Cards

We ask drivers to download windshield display cards and fill out their car’s vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t nearby to chat. Click on image below to enlarge and fill in your data, then print it out.





We want to thank our quality partners in alpha order:

Catalyst Communications
Continental AutoSports
The Finish line, Inc.
Imports Unlimited
Northshore Sportscars
Perfect Power
The Last Detail

British Trifecta this Sunday at Coffee & Classics

June 28, 2019

While this Sunday is our annual Vincent motorcycle gathering, however, we are also pairing the British icon with two others: Rolls Royce and Bentley.

All vintage Rolls and Bentleys will also get priority parking for the day.

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics This Sunday Featuring Vincent Motorcycles

June 28, 2019


Looking forward to our sixth annual feature of historic Vincent motorcycles this Sunday the 30th in beautiful east downtown Winnetka.

We will allow a small selection of vintage European motorcycles (pre-1980) to display next to the Vincents. European motorcycle admittance will be for those with RetroMoto day passes and at the discretion of the directors at the main gate.

A limited number of Fuelfed Modern European members will be admitted as space allows by showing your 2019 membership card.

Numbered Donation passes may be purchased for $10 at the entry point on Lincoln by non-members driving European Classics ONLY. The $10 will be credited to membership dues if you join the club within 7 days of attending the event.

Parking starts at 9:00am.



Display Card

We ask drivers to download windshield display cards and fill out their car’s vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click on Editable pdf below to enlarge and fill in your data, then print it out. Or click on Regular jpg to print out and hand write in.

Editable pdf.

Finally, Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® is a private club event for our members and those interested in joining. The public is welcome spectate. However, those caught soliciting our members for services, products or activities outside Fuelfed authorization will be escorted out.



Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Hinsdale This Sunday

June 21, 2019


Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Hinsdale this Sunday morning will feature vintage Alfa, Fiat & Lancia.

Beautiful Hinsdale again plays host to our elite gathering of vintage European owners. Coffee & Classics is for Fuelfed members and day pass vintage Euro classics.

Get more details.


Fuelfed OPEN This Sunday in Lake Forest

June 15, 2019

Any dad who knows the difference between a box & cresent wrench will be at the Fuelfed OPEN this Sunday. Members modern, classic, American & European alike can show at the OPEN.