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The Birthplace of Fuelfed Coffee and Classics

September 27, 2022

Yesterday as we returned to the birthplace of our Fuelfed Coffee & Classics in downtown Winnetka some 12 years ago, we reflect on how our simple concept (thank you Highland House for being the first in 1963) pioneered the future of what is now the ubiquitous cars and coffee format.

Yesterday’s Fuelfed Coffee and Classics was far beyond the 24 first cars to arrive with George Klein and his E-Type being the very first that very cold September Sunday morning in 2010. In fact, we never dreamed to have over 220 European cars support our mission in Winnetka. Yet here we are, true to the original vision, grateful for the 1000s of people we have met and very proud of the large community we have built around a then small club of drivers we called Fuelfed.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Winnetka Featuring Ferrari

September 25, 2022

This Sunday morning (9.25), Winnetka will be seeing red as our 10th annual Ferrari feature takes over the streets. Only Fuelfed members and Ferraris for this one…no day passes this month.

We also want to thank @conautosports for being a continued Fuelfed sponsor all these years.

Fuelfed XKSS

June 25, 2022

We haven’t seen Bill’s XKSS since our Gathering in the Grove Concours event back in 2018. Tomorrow’s British invasion may be the 4 year anniversary.

Fuelfed Coffee Corsa 2 Rally This Saturday Morning

April 20, 2022

Our Coffee Corsa 2 Rally starts early-early in Barrington and twists its way to destination…Coffee!
Coffee Corsa 2 is presented by Dave and Imports-Unlimited in Highland Park.

Fuelfed Thanksgiving Morning Spontaneous Coffee

November 25, 2021

Chilly but fun time this morning for the annual Fuelfed Thanksgiving Morning Spontaneous Coffee. Charlie drove down from Racine to debut his new to him 1963 Beetle. In typical gracious style, Charlie also brought historic Brendtsen’s Kringle.

Fuelfed Ferrari Week Countdown

September 23, 2021

It’s #FuelfedFerrariWeek as we count down to the biggest display of vintage Ferraris in Chicagoland this Sunday morning.
No day passes this year, but we’re going to let two non-Fuelfed member cars display that submit a classic European car (pre 1995). The Fuelfed Steering Committee will pick the lucky cars on Friday 9.24. Winners get preferred parking and stickers.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Boulder Sets the New Standard

September 14, 2021

8AM on the last Sunday of the month, there is only one place to be on the Front Range, 8th and Pearl on the West End of Boulder’s picturesque downtown. Despite Covid, 2021 has been a great year for car enthusiasts to gather, amazing cars and entertaining people.

How often do you see a 1936 Auburn Boattail Speedster, vintage BMWs, Minis, Ferarris Alfas and a dozen air-cooled Porsches gathered a public street?

Come out and join the fun September 26th!


July 25, 2021

Yes this morning was a big homecoming for Fuelfed the club, Winnetka the birth place of Coffee and Classics and members able to reunite in a grand way. But this morning was bigger than that for these two. You see, John (left) and Hank were best friends in high school and went their own ways shortly there after. Both are Fuelfed members not knowing each was too. In talking with Hank and him mentioning his history on the Nothshore and Winnetka as well as his friend from long ago, we were able reunite these two with hugs and tears ensuing. Fuelfed has always been about its members and incredible moments like this are what it’s all about.

Feels Good to Gather

May 16, 2021

It’s been a year and a half since we were able to gather on the street anywhere and Barrington was the first invite us back and we and hundreds of others were happy come. Our new format and location is an upgrade from the Foundry. So good to see old friends and greet new ones.

The 2021 Fuelfed MotorGearo Vintage Rally

March 10, 2021

Our sixth annual Fuelfed MotorGearo is almost full. Our well curated vintage rally brings unmatched levels of camaraderie with uncompromised driving. Then there’s the nightly steak and cocktails. Damn…can’t wait for June 4-5.

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