Coffee & Classics® – What is it?


Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® is a private club event for Fuelfed members with their classic European cars (pre-1990) and those interested in joining the club. Members drive an incredible array of beautiful ultra-rare and historically significant European classics to Coffee & Classics locations where gracious owners network and mingle with local residents who spectate.

Nothing comes close to the level and variety of European classics on display. While others try to emulate it, there is only one original Sunday morning car event. We are proud the automotive press refers to Fuelfed Coffee & Classics as the premier car gatherings in the Midwest.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics has grown very quickly since the first 24 cars showed up in Winnetka in September of 2010. These events have evolved from monthly Sunday morning gatherings in Winnetka into the premier monthly Sunday morning gatherings in the Midwest, and Fuelfed Coffee & Classics is held in several locations – Winnetka, Barrington, Hinsdale, Thiensville (WI), and Fort Lauderdale (FL). Event parking is limited and varies per location; see parking guidelines for each location.

No chairs or coolers by the cars is the general rule. An Iso Grifo parked next to an MGB-GT, or a Porsche 959 next to an Bugatti Type 35? Maybe a Ferrari 250 GTO and prototype DeLorean X-833… you bet!



Here’s a short video Sheridan Road Magazine shot in April 2013, as feature on Coffee & Classics in their North Shore cultural icon segment.


Here’s a video we did with ShiftFocus on what collector Bo Danenberger thinks of Coffee & Classics.


View some 2012 pictures here. View some 2013 pictures here.


Each Coffee & Classics venue is unique and has its own guidelines for who may park within the event area. Please review the guidelines of each so that you know before going what to expect. As a general rule, no chairs or coolers by the cars.

All are welcome to park outside of the area and attend as spectators. See our Public Courtesy and No Solicitation/No Promotions Policy below.

Please respect the neighborhood with NO hot-rodding or open exhausts.

Fuelfed Membership

Fuelfed members are invited to private events such as the TFD Series, Fuelfed Fall Classic (FFC), MotorGearo 250, Spontaneous Combustion, The OPEN, UDA, W3, Cocktails & Classics, Garage Tours and Driver’s Dinner Gatherings. Details for some of these events are not posted on the Fuelfed site. Learn more about Fuelfed membership.

Public Courtesy and No Solicitation/No Promotions Policy

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics events are for our members and owners of classic European cars (pre-1990) interested in joining. The public is always welcome to spectate. However, we take our members privacy very seriously. Soliciting and the marketing of cars, clubs, events, and services (charitable or otherwise) are strictly prohibited.

The owners of the cars are happy to talk about their cars and welcome your questions. However, please do not touch the cars without permission of the owner.

For the safety of the people and cars attending, we ask that bikers dismount and walk their bikes within the event, keeping a 5′ distance from the cars.


We want to thank Catalyst Communications for the design our posters, marketing and promotional materials. They are available for purchase if you contact Fuelfed.

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