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Feels Good to Gather

May 16, 2021

It’s been a year and a half since we were able to gather on the street anywhere and Barrington was the first invite us back and we and hundreds of others were happy come. Our new format and location is an upgrade from the Foundry. So good to see old friends and greet new ones.

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Douglas and Vinturo Rally

September 22, 2020


Join us with your Classic European vehicle for our final Coffee & Classics Douglas in beautiful downtown Douglas, MI on Saturday morning, October 3.

As a fitting drive season conclusion, we are having our Vinturo Rally leaving at 11:15am straight after C&CD. The Vinturo will be lead us on a 40 mile tour through scenic wine country and along Big Blue to conclude with lunch and tour of a members private collection and shop. Trust us, you will not want to miss this collection.
You must pre-purchase your Vinturo ticket BY SUNDAY 9.27 in order to drive on the rally. Lunch, map and rally stickers included. Due to Covid, there will not be day-of add-ons.

Members check your email for payment links.
Not a Fuelfed member? Email us.


Fuelfed Motorgearo Walk Through

June 19, 2020

Mike does a walk through of the classics lined up for the drivers meeting before the start of our fifth Motorgearo. The weather was a stunning as the cars.

Turn Up the Volume: the Fuelfed Motorgearo

June 16, 2020

The last three cars in Group 2 taking it easy on Stage 5 of the #fuelfedmotorgearo

Not Your Grammas Tesla

June 15, 2020

Joe takes Group 4 through their paces on Stage 4 of the 5th Fuelfed Motorgearo 250 this weekend.

Fuelfed Coveste 5

June 5, 2020

Our Fuelfed Coveste 5 hits horse country this Sunday. We’ve raised $1000s in provision donations for Chicagoland food pantries helping those most hurt by Covid 19.

Members who haven’t renewed for 2020 have missed 8 private events already.

Fuelfed Coveste 4

June 4, 2020

The always dapper Tim and Carole follow the route on the Fuelfed Coveste 4.

Fuelfed Coveste

May 29, 2020

Our fourth Fuelfed Coveste for 2020 members is happening this weekend.

Awesome pic by Chitown Exotics.

Take-Out Tuesday

May 26, 2020

Looking forward to our Take-Out Tuesday events tonight. Supporting those businesses around Chicagoland that support us. 2020 members check your email.

Pucker Up

May 23, 2020

Little pucker moment at 70mph while testing the routing on the #fuelfedmotorgearo today.