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Barn Find Fiat

November 19, 2019

The huge network of Fuelfed members always uncovers the interesting. Yes, another barn-find sees daylight after 27 years.

It’s always the kind good-hearted people and their stories that we meet on these journeys that makes it good for the soul.

Filming the Icon

November 18, 2019

Filming the Stratos bio when it was warmish.

Driving Friendship

November 16, 2019

Got to see Ford vs Ferrari a little early via the #FCA & #Hagerty. Gotta say it was a lot more of the Fuelfed Spirit than expected. Mix Field of Dreams with LeMans and you’re close. Have now far more respect for Carroll Shelby and can relate with Ken Miles. If you actually work on your own classic and have competed in wheel to wheel competition like yours truly, you will be thoroughly entertained.

Back to Nature

September 7, 2019

Another exotic find while on vacation in MI. You have to always stop and look. This one keeping in the Maserati/Lambo/Detamaso theme for Sunday in Barrington.

And no, that won’t buff out.

Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Since 2010

August 30, 2019


Fuelfed has a long history with Winnetka and it’s hard to believe we’re almost through our tenth season of Coffee & Classics. We are grateful for the residents and the village that have supported our events all these years. One of our proudest accomplishments over the years is educating the next generation of car enthusiasts. We’ve received hundreds of emails thanking us of for quality events and keeping it true to what our classic culture is all about…camaraderie.

But we received a recent email that struck a real chord. The above picture is from 2011 and picture below is from 2019. A father and son tradition to be proud of.


Zuffengruppe the Pusher

August 9, 2019


You see them everywhere. Coffee & Classics, MotorGearo and McDonalds.
Red one, blue ones, black ones, older ones that are faster than you.
Some have four, some have 6. All are flat.
Some are boosted, some are outlawed. All are meant to be driven.
If you can’t get enough for your air-cooled high, then Zuffengruppe 2 will be your hallowed pusher.

Beautiful Twin Lakes, WI will play host to 100s of vintage air-cooled Porsches from 11:00 to 3:00pm this Sunday 8.11.19.



Winnetka 4th of July Parade Classics

July 4, 2019

Gary leads the Fuelfed cars in this mornings’ 4th of July parade in Winnetka.

Fuelfed 4th of July Parade Cars in Winnetka!

July 3, 2019


Fuelfed is honored to be asked by the village of Winnetka to be the lead cars in tomorrows’ 4th of July parade. Winnetka celebrates its 150 year anniversary this year as Fuelfed celebrates 10 years of Coffee & Classics at Lincoln and Elm.

Winnetka resident member cars will be displaying special anniversary door decals as they make their way eastward along Elm from Hibbard to the Village Park.


Glencoe Plays Host to Fuelfed Spontaneous Combustion

June 14, 2019

Alfa montreal

Finally no rain on one of our events. Glencoe made a great backdrop to tonight’s Spontaneous Combustion.

Fuelfed Spontaneous Combustion Tonight!

June 13, 2019

Looking forward to our first private member Spontaneous Combustion tonight.

Members check your email.