Fuelfed Coffee Corsa Morning Rally Series


The Fuelfed Coffee Corsa Rally is another new original Fuelfed series.

Fuelfed Coffee Corsa rallies depart early morning to different end destinations for coffee beyond Chicagoland. These mini rallies (1 stage) are intended to stretch our cars and catch up with other member while still allowing time for drivers to return home by noon.

In 2023 there will be a total of four rallies. Each rally will have a different start point on the outskirts of Chicagoland which corresponds to the direction it is headed. Drivers will receive collectible rally stickers, and those attending all four rallies will receive commemorative swag.

Private Member Event. Sign up will be required. Watch for the emails.

Dates/Location 2023:

Saturday, March 25 – Coffee Corsa #1 – Gurnee start location
Saturday, May 13 – Coffee Corsa #2 – Barrington start location
Saturday, September 9 – Coffee Corsa #3 – Batavia start location
Saturday, November 4 – Coffee Corsa #4 -Gurnee start location




One Response to “Fuelfed Coffee Corsa Morning Rally Series”

  1. Jim Fogerty Says:

    Looking forward to this first Rally

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