Contact Info

Fuelfed, Inc. is garaged at:
1189 Wilmette Ave, #235
Wilmette, IL  60091


If you’re interested in joining the Fuelfed fraternity and entrée to our private events…inquire here.


10 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. October Coffee & Classics Doubles Attendance! « Fuelfed Says:

    […] For those who were interested in acquiring the Coffee & Classics poster, we have archival quality prints available here. […]

  2. joe honor Says:

    interested in fulfed poster for coffee & classics- I particpated in winnetka october-2010 event- e-type in photos. let me know. looking forward to april’s event. regards, joe

  3. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    Looking forward to the April 17 meet.
    Saw the Coffee & Classics poster at the Lantern in Lake Forest.

    1967 Lancia Fulvia Coupe will attend 01/17/11

  4. Says:

    ???? Is this still mr.hotdog?

  5. Hugh Scott Says:

    Do you have any of the orange “runner-style” hats in stock? Not sure if it was an older style, but I would love to get a couple of them if they are available.

  6. Fuelfem Says:

    Glad you like the hats! Yes, there are still some orange hats in stock, and we’ll be selling them at Coffee & Classics this weekend. Respond to the email we just sent you if you want to purchase in advance of this weekend.

  7. Chris Novencido Says:

    I’m sure this isn’t the appropriate place to post this but does anyone know when either of the Miura’s will be at any of the Coffee and Classics? We live about 6 hours away so we can’t come to every event but would love to see the Miura’s specifically, either of them. We met one owner but he was driving his Lotus one of the times we went and then the Lamboghini specific event in September sort of got rained out and only 2 Lamborghinis showed up (although I really enjoyed the Countach.) I can be reached at if anyone has any info. Thanks, Chris

    • The Driver Says:

      Chris…Our members usually have several classics and decide the morning of the event what they are driving. Unlike other events we don’t request a specific car or require preregistering. So to be direct, we don’t when the Miuras may show.

  8. Marshall Loeb Says:

    Hello Brian/Lorraine, I have not been notified of any Fuelfed events this year. I will be more than happy to pay for my membership, but I don’t know if there is anything scheduled. Please let me know. Thanks, Marshall 630461-2935

  9. François Geneve Says:

    I would like details regarding becoming a member and bring my 1993 Caterham Lotus Seven to the Winnetka gathering in late August as well as late September . Best regards , François Genève , Lake Villa , Illinois

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