Coffee & Classics® Winnetka


Fuelfed’s Coffee & Classics® has grown very quickly since the first 24 cars showed up in Winnetka in September of 2010. These events quickly evolved into the premier monthly Sunday morning gathering, and while others try to emulate it, there is only one original. An incredible array of beautiful ultra-rare and historically-significant European classics all driven to and park along Winnetka’s beautiful village center.

Gracious owners are as excited to chat and mingle as the local residents are to stroll and view. Nothing comes close to the level and variety of European classics on display. We are very proud the automotive press has dubbed Fuelfed’s Coffee & Classics in Winnetka “the Crown Jewel” of car shows in the Midwest.



Here’s a short C&C video by Nikko Salgado.

Dates, Time & Location – 2023


April 30
May 28 – Featured: Small Displacement classics
June 25 – Featured: Works in Progress
July 30 – Featured: 20 Under 20 (drivers 20 & under)
August 27 – Featured: Women Drivers AND Sticker Day (for kids)
September 24 – Featured: Ferrari Club of America
October 29 – Era Appropriate Attire

9:00am to 11:00am
At Elm & Lincoln Ave. in downtown Winnetka

Drivers: Enter from Oak St.

Map It
Parking Map


Coffee & Classics parking in Winnetka is for:

  • Fuelfed Classic European Members showing C&C parking decals
  • Fuelfed Modern European Members, if space allows, by showing membership cards.
  • Non-members driving classic European cars (1995 and older) may park within the event with a $20 donation EXCEPT IN SEPTEMBER. Donation goes toward membership if they apply.

We’re not trying to be the biggest, only the best for our members.

Note: The American Classics and modern European cars you’ll see belong to members who were grandfathered in. They know who they are.

Display Card

We ask drivers to download windshield display cards and fill out their car’s vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click on Editable pdf below to enlarge and fill in your data, then print it out. Or click on Regular jpg to print out and hand write in.

Editable pdf.

Regular jpg.


Public Courtesy

Fuelfed club events are for our members, their guests and those interested in joining. The public is always welcome to spectate. However, we take our members privacy very seriously and soliciting interests outside Fuelfed activities, charitable or otherwise, is strictly prohibited. To those taking pictures and sharing online, we ask you to state that your images were taken at the Fuelfed Coffee & Classics.

Advertising cars for sale at any Fuelfed event is strictly prohibited.

Please respect the neighborhood with NO hot-rodding or open exhausts.

We want to thank Catalyst Communications for designing another great poster.


Fuelfed Membership

Fuelfed members receive invites to private events such as the TFD Series, Fuelfed Fall Classic (FFC18), Gathering in the Grove, Spontaneous Combustion, The OPEN, UDA, W3, MotorGearo 250, Day Drives, Cocktails & Classics, Garage Tours and Driver’s Dinner Gatherings. Details for some of these events are not posted on the Fuelfed site. Learn more about Fuelfed membership.


20 Responses to “Coffee & Classics® Winnetka”

  1. Vicki Hofstetter Says:

    We LOVED your event on our street this last Sunday. I am going to post something about you on our FB Page. I would like to mention Bryan, Brian,Ryan????? the organizer. Can you please give me his correct name. He is a GREAT guy!!! I should have gotten his CARD!!! I hope you continue to do this on Lincoln. It’s perfect with all the restaurants here. Let me know if there is anything WE can do to help you.
    Vicki Hofstetter, “Oui, Madame!” 550 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka.
    BTW, get that red and white Chevy Impala in front of MY store so i don’t have to go so far to see it! Phone 847-441-0182

  2. Jon Snyder Says:

    I participated in the event last sunday 25th and truly enjoyed it. I will try to make them all as we make new friends, see new cars and enjoy the history behind these wonderful cars. thanks Brian for a fine time – Jon in Wheaton, Blue Triumph TR6

  3. Liz Says:

    perhaps this is one of the most interesting blogs that i have ever seen. interesting articles, funny content. keep it up!

  4. jim f Says:

    Nice event last Sun. May 26…I enjoyed attending, talkin to folks.

  5. jucedallasanta Says:

    voces estao de parabens, aqui no Brasil tambem temos encontros de carros, antigos, bicicletas, todos exelentes!

    • The Driver Says:

      Por favor envíenos los cuadros de Brasil.

      • jucedallasanta Says:

        Olá,tudo bem,
        Atualmente, estamos comecando neste segmento automotivo, é um prazer trabalhar com hitória, saberdela todos os dias, fazendo com que permaneça viva, pelos anos, perpetuando-a, por hora fazendo estar viva na convivencia diaria

  6. The Driver Says:

    Park on east Elm.

  7. Ben Schmitt Says:

    Looking forward to finally making it out with the C/4 this month!

  8. Sheila Says:

    Yesterday was my first time attending the show and it was wonderful. Although I’ve enjoyed viewing cars in other venues it’s nice to see them outside. Thanks to all of the owners but particularly the owner of the vintage Cobra for sharing their treasures with us. It was nice to see so many children enjoying the cars as well. My sons and me will attend future events.

  9. Anna Says:

    My mistake was looking at the wrong calendar. What is the policy on motorcycles?

    • The Driver Says:

      We did just update the calendar per your help.
      Motorcycles. That depends on the event. 2015 Fuelfed members that have pre-1980 European bikes can show them at events. Non-members with qualifying vehicles can show if they purchase a $5 Day Pass. The $5 will in turn will be applied to membership if they join within 7 days of the event date.

  10. Henry Wolf Says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you have to be a registered Fuelfed member to show a car, or can you just show up, and drive in?

    • The Driver Says:


      Yes, C&C is a private club event for our members. Yes, all the cars you see in the pictures are Fuelfed members.
      However, we have single Day Passes for classic European cars 1990 or older. Day Passes are $5 at the main gate and goes towards your membership if you join.

  11. Forrest C Shields Says:

    Brain & Lorraine
    Sorry I missed most of the year. Had big Clutch foot problems that started in May. Finally was operated on in August. 8 screws and 4 metal plates and 15 weeks of no weight on the foot later….I start 3 months of PT in a few weeks. Looking to seeing you next year.

  12. The Driver Says:

    Right there where its always been.

  13. Roma Says:


    Is the Winnetka October 2021 show also the Ferrari show?


  14. Robert Reilly Says:

    My family and especially my grand daughters really enjoy the last Sunday of the month. Thank you car owners for letting us experience some terrific hardware.

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