Fuelfed Classic European Swap Meet

The 2023 Swap Classic European Swap Meet is scheduled for Saturday, February 18.

We are excited to be holding the Fuelfed Swap Meet at The Last Detail in North Chicago again. From SU carbs, Recaros & Prototipos to vintage Road & Tracks, oil signage & tools, our Fuelfed community is vast and eclectic and what better audience to sell to than those who appreciate what you do. The Last Detail also has an interesting showroom of classics on display to add to the morning entertainment.


To Sell
To sell at the swap meet, you must purchase & reserve your space in advance by going to our secure PayPal link. Spaces are $25, roughly 10’x10′, and include two admissions. Reservations will end when spaces are filled or on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2023, whichever happens first. No tables or chairs will be provided. We ask that all items for sale be automotive related and relevant. Please no duct rolls, tube socks or Barbie dolls (unless breathing). Non-members may also purchase spaces.

AdmissionCash or check at the door, please.
$3 – Bring your 2022 or 2023 card for quicker entry. Paid 2023 members will be on a door list
Non-Members: $5

Date & Time
Saturday, February 18

8:30am to 9:30am: Floor slot set-up
9:30am: Early Admission for Members & Their Accompanied Guests
10:00am to 1:00pm: Swap Meet Open to public
1:00pm to 2:00pm: Clean up

The Last Detail
2900 US Route 41
North Chicago, IL

The swap meet will only be cancelled if heavy snow or Covid outbreak prevents it, or if lack of vendors. Slot buyers will be notified by email and refunded. Event cancellation will also be posted on the Fuelfed home page.

9 Responses to “Fuelfed Classic European Swap Meet”

  1. Tim Parker Says:

    Hi I just sent $20 for a swap meet space. How is it filling up?

  2. Robert Youngman Says:

    Recaros ready to go and I had my flu shot this year

  3. richard Smyth Says:

    Hi Brian,I sent in my money for a space via Pay Pal.
    I will be selling Automotive Artwork.
    It was a great show for two years in a row!

  4. Eliot Dam Says:

    Just submitted payment for a slot. Is there a way to choose location or is that handled at the event

  5. Richard Smyth Says:

    I just booked my space at the swap meet via PayPal selling my Automotive Artwork I hope the weather is kind!

  6. Rick Gurolnick Says:

    I’m in, bringing all kinds of cool stuff.

  7. Richard Smyth Says:

    Hi Brian,
    I just realized that although I booked a space for the Swap Meet and paid for it that I will not be able to attend. I will be at Road America that weekend for the Vintage Races

  8. Jerry LaBant Says:

    I just popped on a space, I’ll be bringing some original tool rolls, Marchal and Lucas lamps and some other cool Automobilia. Thanks for hosting this event!
    Jerry/ The Liverpool MotorWorks LLC

  9. Richard Smyth Says:

    Will be bringing my automotive artwork to sell. Many prints of familiar Fuelfed members cars plus mugs with my own work on them. hmm… maybe some diecast models too/
    Commissions to do a painting of your car welcome!

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