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The Fuelfed OPEN this Sunday

June 18, 2022

Any father who knows the difference between a box & cresent wrench will be at the Fuelfed OPEN this Sunday.
Vintage European cars with children as passengers get preferred parking to celebrate dads on their special day.

Fuelfed Swap Meet Cancelled

May 20, 2022

After considerable debate we have decided to sadly cancel our annual Swap Meet due to iffy weather forecasted. We are very bummed to have to make the call, but feel the outdoor Swap Meet needs to be enjoyable for everyone.

We want to thank everyone for signing up and we plan to continue the Swap Meet tradition indoors during the winter season.

Special thanks go to Sol and the Perfect Power team for jumping through hoops and their patience.

Agent From God

February 13, 2014



Fuelfed is always on the look-out for classics that have authentic soul.
What are your thoughts on this one?


The Fuelfed Spirit is Ageless

November 1, 2010

We would like to believe that everyday a new driver discovers that connectivity to driving that is at the very heart of the Fuelfed spirit. This spirit has been around since the invention of the combustion engine and has transcended all its evolutions. To the benign road-appliance driver, it’s impossible to understand.

With the great success of the Fuelfed Coffee & Classics, we’ve met some truly fantastic people and their inspiring car stories. The majority of which, have been driving their classics from when they bought them new. And you know, they are as excited today, as they were some 40 plus years ago. Truly inspiring.

Murray Fowler embodies this Fuelfed spirit.