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Fuelfed Garage Tour

March 12, 2023
Healey and Porsche 356 awaited final paint prep.

So this morning we traveled way past Blackhawk Farms to visit one of our select Fuelfed partners for a private shop tour. John and the @sportandspecialty crew can handle any restoration from soup to nuts with a bend towards British, Italian and German. It’s always enlightening to see what they have cooking and it’s a given that it’s executed with surgical precision.

October Coffee & Classics Doubles Attendance!

November 2, 2010

Well, the Fuelfed Coffee & Classics has struck a pulse with the Northshore enthusiasts. We had over double the cars from September! There were some familiar faces from last month. Lorraine, David, Bob, Dan, Jim, Shahin, Mark and even George made it, though his E-Type didn’t. Frank was able to bring his in-progress resto-mod 2002, Bart and his Thruxton braved the cold as well. World famous designer Carlos Segura brought his pristine M-Coupe. The Last Detail brought a gorgeous and very rare Chevy Nomad. Jeff made it all the way from Naperville. And, the always colorful Maura brought her show quality 560sl.

The very enthusiastic Jean and Dean were first to arrive in their BMWs, then the E-Types, quickly followed by Allen & Curt and the rest of the 356 group.

Curt drove his Speedster sans top and windows 20 miles in the 48º sunshine to get there. We don’t think he stopped shaking the whole morning. His pictures taken at the legendary Meadowdale Raceway back in 1959 of him racing the same Speedster. Stories like this, just touch the surface of how much variety and history showed up Sunday morning.

Speaking of history, Mick Jagger was there in spirit too. Or should we say his old yellow Morgan made an appearance. Yep the Glimmer Twin actually owned this very Morgan Plus 8.

Mick Jagger behind the wheel of the very same yellow Morgan Plus 8 roadster in St. Tropez, France, 9 May 1971. Photo by Reg Lancaster

We’ve all been to countless car shows, but this exclusive gathering feels more like a neighborhood cocktail party (and we know Fuelfed drivers like cocktails) than a bunch of car guys milling around. We believe some new friendships and Fuelfed fans have been formed.

Café Aroma served up some excellent pastries and coffee while providing some warmth from the crisp temps. The very popular Fuelfed magnets were all snapped up by their proud new owners with in the first half hour.

Overall, the final Coffee & Classics for 2010 was been embraced by fellow Northshore classic car enthusiasts more than we had hoped and we are very excited to carry on what we’re sure will become a Winnetka tradition next year.

For those who were interested in acquiring the Coffee & Classics poster, we have archival quality prints available here.

Not the 944 Magazine We Thought

October 11, 2010

When we heard that 944 Magazine had debuted, it got some Fuelfed drivers interested. But why a magazine dedicated to Porsche’s ubiquitous Audi evolution we thought? Status, sexy curves, build quality it has, but a magazine? Alas, the quick fantasy faded into possibly another about curves and build quality.


The First Coffee & Classics a Success

September 28, 2010

First Coffee & Classics Winnetka

Thanks to everyone who made the first Coffee & Classics a success. It was a blustery morning at times, but drivers came from near (a few blocks) and far (Palentine) to grab a cup of coffee and chat it up with other classic car enthusiasts. There was a healthy mix of cars and people– Porsches, BMWs, Jaguar E-Types, VWs, big power Cameros, a Renault and a Lotus Elan.

At 9a.m. drivers started pulling in. Shahin was there early to be the great ambassador of the Fuelfed spirit. George with is green E-Type was the first to arrive. Then Dan and his red 911 Carrera showed up. Followed quickly by the deep-rumbling crazy-clean Cameros & Mark S. with his Renault R5 Turbo. Then that familiar straight pipe wail that only an air-cooled flat six can belt-out came closer and closer. Yep, it was the elusive Chris J., one of the founding members of Fuelfed, gracing our presence with his track only 911.

Most of the drivers were looking under the hoods, sharing stories and tech tips until noon. It was a great day for cars and drivers, and most plan to return next month (Oct. 31). Could be scary (sorry).

Hopefully all drivers got their honorary Fuefed magnet. If we missed anyone, please contact us and we’ll send one out asap. Please specify size small (1.5″) or large (3″).

Thanks to Café Aroma for letting us use your café as a gathering place and for having plenty of good Meinls coffee and pastries available.

First Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaShahin Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics WinnetkaFirst Coffee & Classics Winnetka