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Rallying Redefined

January 21, 2023

The Fuelfed Buckeyes & Bourbon Rally takes the bespoke approach that Fuelfed is known for in rallying and expands to a new elevated format. First, we escape the long cold Midwest winter for warmer climates to explore the uncrowded and lush rolling roads only the western Appliachan range can provide.

Second, we’ve secured two unique accommodations rarely available for a relaxing multi-night stay. Dining & cocktails…what is a Fuelfed rally with out unique culinary & cocktail experiences? Buckeyes & Bourbon provides 5 days and 1500 miles of incredible driving with safely sampling the historic distilleries of Kentucky.

Finally, we are curating just 15 vehicles manufactured prior to 2000 to ensure a great mix of classics. All roads, accommodations and venues are well vetted by experienced Fuelfed rally organizers.

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Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Milwaukee This Sunday Morning

July 22, 2022

This Sunday morning we continue our Coffee & Classics series in Milwaukee. This month we are in the historic 3rd Ward. Should be a very unique event with our Euro classics in a vintage setting.

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics and the Perfect Sunday

June 27, 2022

What a perfect day on Sunday in Winnetka. The weather was perfect. The local residents and their kids were out in force and the stunning variety of rare European classics was over the top!

The Fuelfed OPEN this Sunday

June 18, 2022

Any father who knows the difference between a box & cresent wrench will be at the Fuelfed OPEN this Sunday.
Vintage European cars with children as passengers get preferred parking to celebrate dads on their special day.

FFotW: 1991 BMW 850CSI…6 Speed

March 26, 2014

Posted 3.25.14

Now here’s a rare find sent in by Andy D. our Citroen expert. Why he was looking at BMWs, we never know, but we’ll take this one. The car appears to be repainted OE silver and needs some kind of “work”. But hey, if this can be sorted properly, a rare 6 speed hooked to a v12 all aluminum block should prove to be collectible and a hoot to flog.

92,000 miles, Anthony(815) 302-145three

Located in the southwest burbs of Chicago


fuelfed-bmw-850csi-nose fuelfed-bmw-850csi-6speedfuelfed-bmw-850csi-VIN fuelfed-bmw-850csi-interior fuelfed-bmw-850csi-engine

BMW Films To Return

February 14, 2014


BMW has announced the return of their excellent series of original films. Last seen over a decade ago, the films directed by the A-listers John Frankenheimer, Ang Lee and John Woo featured the latest BMW offerings, but also created a celebrity of “The Driver”, Clive Owen. Our favorite is “Star”, directed by Guy Ritchie and starring his then wife, Madonna. This still holds up well, kids. Can’t wait for the next episodes.

Here’s Another Reason to Buy a New BMW

June 5, 2013


So you just open up this new app on your smart phone, plug the phone into the USB port in your brand new BMW and you’ve got instant data the next time you go to the track.

You can see a map of the track, where you’re using the go pedal as opposed to the stop one, heck, it even shows g-force through corners.

Apparently this app was developed for the newest generation BMW using visualization of data culled from the car’s onboard computer.

But you gotta have a new BMW. Like you needed a reason, right? See the story here in Jalopnik.

Pristine Day at Road America

October 18, 2010

road america

Crisp, clear and lots of track time

Last weekend found over 150 drivers enjoying some late season letter-perfect weather at Road America. There was plenty to look at and listen to, from a plethora of Porsches, a bushel of BMW’s, lots of Lotuses, volumes of Vipers…you get the picture. There was even a Jack Daniels NASCAR racer zooming around the track.

Lots of great metal at the track

This was another professional event put on by the great folks at MVP Track Time ( ). This was the first event at Road America for this group, and it won’t be the last.

Cars, brats and women. Is anything else necessary?

Yes, it was another beautiful day at Elkhart Lake. Certainly not as hot, or crowded, but the Gearbox Cafe was open for business and the driving was plentiful.

fuelfed logo
A FuelFed Logo Spied

There was even an embarassing Fuelfed logo sighting (appears to be stolen)…All in all another great trip to Road America.