The Fuelfed OPEN This Sunday in Lake Forest

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The 2014 driving season kicks off with the Fuelfed OPEN in Lake Forest this Sunday, April 13th.

Our original Coffee & Classics has always been for the European classic car enthusiast and will continue to be in the future. However, as we all know, not all collections are strictly focused on a certain marque or genre. Most members like variety, so we felt it important to give a venue for all cars driven by our members. Hence the Fuelfed OPEN.

The OPEN is for all Fuelfed members and their American or European classic, modern sports or super cars. In other words, a big family reunion of sorts. 2014 member preferred parking passes WILL NOT be required for this event.

SUNDAY, April 13, 2014
8:00AM -11:00AM

Click here for map

Market House on the Square Restaurant & Starbucks are right there and will be happy to accommodate all your caffeine and hunger needs.

If you like, we have windshield display sheets for drivers to fill out their cars vitals. This will allow the rest of us to appreciate the classic even if the driver isn’t near by to chat. Click to enlarge the display card below and print as many as you want.

Download OPEN display sheets here.


European Booty

April 8, 2014 by



For many of us running daily classics, much time is spent combing various bone yards looking for parts made of unobtainium. This ritual always clears the mind from daily clutter and sets an eerie mood for the rest of the day. Regardless, laying in mud and urine in 40 degree temps is always looked forward to in the hunt for that unexpected treasure. You just need to know where to go and put your time in. But the true booty hunter will never share his secret stashes.




Member Nick M. sent in a link to a topic that we take close to the heart. These two Germans hunters love the hunt so much, they make the annual pilgrimage to the arid areas of the USA and pilfer bone yards to make big profits back home.

Autoweek did a short photo story on this increasing classic sub-culture.



German-graverobbers PM



Eastwood Tool Co. Coming to Chicagoland!

April 3, 2014 by



Schmitt Haus sent us a little heads-up that Eastwood Tool Co. is coming to Chicagoland. Oh boy, kid in a candy store!

Now that Sears has dailed back their tool offerings and with the raise of Advance Auto and O’Reilly and their ultra-crap China made everything, it’s refreshing that a serious player in the car world has stepped up.

The press release reads as:

Eastwood has transitioned from a conventional catalog company into an online source for automotive tools and supplies, and on April 3 plans to open a brick-and-mortar store that “puts a twist on traditional retail with an experiential format unlike any other in the automotive space,” according to the company.

In a market where products are typically hanging on shelves, Eastwood’s retail experience brings the garage environment directly to shoppers, with an experience designed to educate tool-users with hands-on workshops, how-to videos, interactive product displays and the opportunity to try products before making a purchase.

“A visit to the store is literally that of a toy store for car guys”, stated Nick Capinski, senior content marketing manager at Eastwood.  “If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to use an English wheel or maybe a TIG welder, we’re hosting classes that share the information needed to succeed with the tool, plus allowing students to get hands-on usage.”

The store, which is located at 12100 S. Cicero Ave. in Alsip, is also available for car shows and other events.

“After reviewing local market data, we determined Chicago would be a great location to open this truly unique retail experience”, said Brian Huck, Eastwood’s VP, marketing & sales. “Chicago’s strong density of automotive enthusiasts and central location were key factors in our decision to open in Alsip.”

A grand opening celebration is planned April 25-May 4.

Birthday Wishes To The Driver Who Makes It All Possible

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So, close to 20 years ago I met Brian Hughes. I thought I was a true car guy with my vintage Porsche and my love of any German, Italian French or British rolling stock.

Then I met Brian.

Good God, within 2 hours I realized that during the last 5 years he had bought and sold more cars than I had ever imagined I would own in a lifetime. He was bringing up arcane facts about Mercedes W124′s that made my head spin. He had a rare, vintage Vespa in boxes in his latest garage rental just waiting to be reborn.

This guy is a car guy.

He was there the first time I seriously exceeded the speed limit on a rural road, two cars back and laughing his ass off as I went across a wet two lane bridge sideways. He was there the first time I drove on Road America at speed, a memory that I’ll carry to my grave.

His knowledge, passion, love and enthusiasm for cars had to bubble up into something more than just wrenching in the garage. He had to make it bigger. And so we now have Fuelfed, probably the premier car group in the country. Bigger than any of the local single marque clubs, Fuelfed properly celebrates the beauty and fascination of the vintage automobile in a way that is approachable, meaningful and pure. It’s all because Brian has a love for cars that has to be shared. Because you’re reading this, you’re all a part of it.

And today is his birthday.

If you can’t give him a shout out, toast him tonight. Or better yet, check your mirrors and seriously exceed the speed limit the next time you have a chance.

FFotW: 1991 BMW 850CSI…6 Speed

March 26, 2014 by

Posted 3.25.14

Now here’s a rare find sent in by Andy D. our Citroen expert. Why he was looking at BMWs, we never know, but we’ll take this one. The car appears to be repainted OE silver and needs some kind of “work”. But hey, if this can be sorted properly, a rare 6 speed hooked to a v12 all aluminum block should prove to be collectible and a hoot to flog.

92,000 miles, Anthony(815) 302-145three

Located in the southwest burbs of Chicago


fuelfed-bmw-850csi-nose fuelfed-bmw-850csi-6speedfuelfed-bmw-850csi-VIN fuelfed-bmw-850csi-interior fuelfed-bmw-850csi-engine

It’s Why We Drive, Not What…

March 23, 2014 by


What started as a small club among friends who were obsessed with modifying and racing their classic European cars, has now grown into a private enthusiasts club of over 550 members. Fuelfed focuses on driving, socializing and promoting the passion of unique European automotive ownership. As a diverse group of enthusiasts, we each take pride in our own choice of marque, yet as a collective group, we all share the same Fuelfed Spirit. For us, it has always been about WHY WE DRIVE, NOT WHAT.

Interested in driving and socializing with the most unique and fastest growing club in Chicagoland?

Tell us why driving inspires you.


2014 Cocktails & Classics Recap

March 21, 2014 by



The constant threat of snow spared us the deep stuff we were getting used to this winter.

The Ravenswood Event Center was filled with over 150 Fuelfed members and their guests. Ravenswood Q served up their famous BBQ, while Scott H. & George K. were a great help serving guests cocktails from Lakeshore Beverage, & Winnetka Wine Shop. The Eli’s Cheescake & brownies disappeared in minutes. Without their help & support our event would not have been possible.





Every year the mix of enthusiasts gets more robust. Even publicis Tim P. traveled down from Minneapolis to join in the festivities. From collector & racer, to mechanic & enthusiast, all walks of our passion were represented. And Joe continues to up the quality mix of his collection.







As usual, 9:00pm arrived in a blink of an eye, and we had to reluctantly move people to the door. And with the passing of another sold out Cocktails & Classics we can now conclude winter and start the 2014 driving season!

We want thank our member volunteers to sharing in the sweat equity. Joanna B., Scott H., George K., Lisa H., Shahin D., Ryan B., Paul R., Chris C., Andy D., Jeff B., Nick M., Mike B.



Meet & Greet with Randy Leffingwell This Saturday

March 13, 2014 by
If you’re a fan of air-cooled Porsches, then you’ve seen one of Randy Leffingwells many books and photographs. If you’d like to meet him, now is your chance. The Midwest 356 Club has invited Fuelfed members to a breakfast presentation by Randy at Cantigny Park in Wheaton this Saturday, March 15.  He will be talking about his latest book, Porsche 911: 50 Years, and showing slides of photos from that project.
For details and directions, please visit

Cocktails & Classics Tonight

March 12, 2014 by


Despite the snow storm this morning, we are still on for our 3rd annual Cocktails & Classics tonight. The beginning of 2014 driving season can now begin!

Again, we want to thank and support our local merchants The Ravenswood Event Center, RavenswoodQ, Lakeshore Beverage, Winnetka Wine Shop & Eli’s Cheescake. With out their help our event would not be possible.

Please note that this event is for Fuelfed members and their registered guests only. There will be no walk-ins, nor solicitation of members at this event. 

Our Very Own Tim Kautz Wins the SCCA Presidents Cup

March 10, 2014 by



This weekend in Charlotte, N.C. (March 8, 2014) Fuelfeds very own Tim Kautz was told he had won an award and that his presence was required Saturday night at the annual SCCA banquet. “I have no idea what it could be, but if it’s just the Viagra hard charger award, I’ll be honored”, Tim joked on Wednesday before he departed on his south east journey. We don’t know of a more deserving driver that has paid and wrenched  his own way through his entire career, than the graciously humble Tim Kautz.

An appreciative Tim Kautz took home the prestigious Presidents Cup following his victory in the 2013 National Championship Runoffs Formula F race that featured five lead changes on the final lap alone, coming out on top by just 0.010-second.

The Presidents Cup is presented to the driver demonstrating ability, competitiveness and success at the National Championship Runoffs®. The winner is selected by the Stewards of the Meeting and the Chief Steward of the National Championship Runoffs. The inaugural presentation of this award was presented by President Eisenhower at the SCCA races at Andrews Air Force Base in Washington, and the 1954 winner was Bill Spear of Southport, Conn., driving a 4.5 Ferrari. President Eisenhower made the presentation at the White House.

“Wow, amazing,” Kautz said. “It’s an honor just to be here with the legends of the sport, let alone on stage with this award. I love our Club, and its health, and I’m looking forward to many more years of racing.”

In a follow-up interview Tim further stated, “Taking the stage, the reality of the company standing along side you is overwhelming.”  “I’ve had this feeling once before, it was the first time I drove at the alter known as Watkins Glenn, the talented people, the legends and the greatness that have preceded me completely stunned me. Tonight I was honored to share a stage with the very people who paved the way for the award I received.  Bob Hubbard and Jim Downing, Bob Bondurant, Pete Hylton, Kathy Barnes and Dan Gurney.”  “I’m still reeling in the presentations of these prestigious people, I am speechless. My mind is awash in the presence of such greatness. It was Watkins Glenn all over again.”

“I am particularly honored that it was Bruce May who in 1996 won this award as a FF driver (Formula F) Throughout my racing career I have been shadowed by the very people who helped Bruce win his award, Gib Gibson and John and Jackie Taylor.” Tim added in a follow-up interview.  “I thank them and share this award along with the many friends who helped make racing possible. In accepting I am reminded and humbled by the past recipients of this award, Roger Penske, Jim Hall, Skip Barber, Bobby Rahal, Paul Newman, Jim Vasser and David Finch. As a driver, this award is the greatest award I could receive.”


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