The V32 Mustang Schooling

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Definitely the first time we’ve ever seen a mother educating her daughters on the mechanical physics of a dragster. With a monster quad V8 setup putting out 1600hp, we all could use some proper schooling.


Road America Historics This Weekend!

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This weekend is the Historics at Road America in beautiful Elkhart Lake, WI. This is the biggest classic car event of year for those of us east of Monterey.





Friday night is the historic race car parade into downtown Elkhart. Starting around 5:30, speed limits are dropped and most of the weekend’s entrants make their way up highway 67, open exhausts and unburnt race fuel filling the air. Absolutely glorious!!!! Lake street around Siebkens transforms into party central until dusk when the exit parade starts up. Open exhausts and unburnt race fuel filling the air once again. Fuelfed members are invited to take a curb side view at 5:30 at 184 S. Lake.




Saturday night we’ll be having a partnered Fuelfed , Vintage Motorsport Magazine, Classic Motors Online tented area at 184 S. Lake during the world famous concours on Saturday night. Party starts at 5:00pm & taps off at 8:30pm. Join us for our member only beer toast at 6:00pm. One must be a Fuelfed member and show your membership card to get in.


July Spontaneous Combustion in Kenilworth

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Spontaneous Combustion in Kenilworth at the The Last Detail from 7:00 to 8:30pm. Yes, Tom & Ted have graciously opened their Galleria at 624 Greenbay for Fuelfed members to mingle. Check out their website for more about TLD and location map.

This is a Fuelfed member only event.


What Not to Use in Your Car

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Yes, it’s Fox News & AOL Cars so be skeptical, but they do raise some very strong points everyone who drives should know. The driver of a true sports car would never use E-85 to start with.


Stand Tall

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Every generation will stand on the shoulders of those who precede them.


Happy Birthday to the Greatest Country in the World

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FFotW: 1980 Koenig 500sl $7000

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Posted 7.1.2014

Hold your judgements right there.

Yes, it’s a very, very, very, odd piece of kit from an era that would make Don Johnson proud. And why would one want to ruin a 107 bodied Mercedes? First, this is not some Bradley GT-like body kit add-on, but a creative (in a German way) flamboyancy that could only happen in the early 1980′s. Regardless, this a tuner time-piece that has to be accepted for what it is. That said, this is a real deal Koening Tuning super car that packs a stomping (for 1982) 350hp in it’s supercharged v8. Original LSD, full Koening leather power sport seats, quick steering rack, BBS wheels, Nardi wheel, etc…

We’ve been watching this particular car for months now and it could be an interesting investment, way ahead of the curve or at the very least, something that will surely get all the attention any where it’s driven. Park next to the Corvettes and show them what a real v8 can do. Make sure to wear your Members Only jacket and Reeboks.

Do you research on Koening first. Some info on Koenig here.

The car is located in Joliet, IL 815.725.0850




Other Koening Tuning Mercedes 107s in the day.





Coffee & Classics Sets New Vincent Attendance Record

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Yesterday at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics in Winnetka there was a buzz that a new AMA record was set for most Vincent motorcycles ridden to an event in the United States. The Vincents of course looked splendent staggered around the corner of Elm & Lincoln. Forty eight European classic motorcycles nicely doubled up their parking to add a bit of leather amongst their 4-wheeled brethren.


Fuelfed® Coffee & Classics®: Sunday June 29, 2014

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Fuelfed® Coffee & Classics® is this Sunday, June 29th. We are having special guests from the Chicago Section of the Vincent Owners Club attending this month. Don’t be afraid, these guys are more passionate about their incredible machines than any Porsche owner. Those members who own vintage European motorcycles are welcome to ride in as well. Sorry your Road King can’t park inside the designated parking areas.

Classic European motorcycles will park from Lincoln/Elm in front of Little Ricky’s and stage north. Those with small trailers (shame on you) can park just south of the entry gate on Lincoln. Please click on map below to enlarge.



Four items to know about June Coffee & Classics

1. All paid Fuelfed members have received their membership packets by now. Those drivers displaying their Coffee & Classics 2014 decal or show their Fuelfed membership card at the entry gate will get priority parking on north Lincoln and on the bridge. Those with out decals or cards will park in the Day Pass area. See map above.

2. While we encourage all to become paid members, all European classics will be welcome throughout the season. There will not be an entry fee.

3. Those new to Fuelfed and C&C who would like a little more info, can go here.

4. This is private club event for our members, their guests and those interested in joining. The public is always welcome. However, we take our members privacy very seriously and soliciting for interests outside Fuelfed activities, charitable or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone. While there will be a bit of an adjustment to figure out what works and doesn’t with traffic and parking, the goal is to continue to have a casual car morning gatherings of camaraderie with a little more parking.


Fuelfed The First Drive 14.1 (TFD14.1) Recap

June 19, 2014 by



We couldn’t have asked for better weather even though the media was pushing for rain. Everyone was on time for a quick meet & greet at the Belvidere oasis. The line-up looked ominous with a dominating factor of 911s all protecting Rick’s black E-type coupe. Brandon was still dialing-in his 1962 turbo-charged Beetle with impromptu find-its and rags. While Andy & Scott just smiled as others questioned their sanity of driving Citroen SMs on such an adventure.





This, year the Hill climb had a better array of vintage classics than in past events. Kevins Pebble Beach winning Ferrari 212 Export being one such example.






The hill climb is a private club event with limited spectator viewing. One can not just show up and run. One must know someone in one of the various clubs hosting to be invited, as well as have an interesting classic car that qualifies. Fuelfed member Hugh R. has such a car with his Drago-bodied Ferrari.



In contrast we have a Bentley gracefully making it’s way up the hill.





Bruce Kerr took a little time to get a few sketches in as the cars lined up for their shot at the hill.








We broke early to grab lunch at the New Glarus hotel. Yummmm… Schintzel and spaetzle in mushroom cream sauce and it’s time for a nap. No time for that however. A quick drivers meeting and run group break downs and it was time to do what we came to do.







Stage 1 brought us north and initiated first time TFD drivers to the wonders of what we call the Alphabet soup. The Frank Lloyd Wright grave site provides a rest stop for three digit runs, sweaty palms and shaky legs.








Nick put on his special driving shoes to make sure everyone knew he was there to demonstrate what black smoke racing was all about.




Stage 2 had us laughing as we passed the lost, scared and confused BMWCCA “Spring Flingers” blatantly copying our long standing TFD series.




Rick, Mario and Mark peeled off in their respective E-Type and 930 turbos. All three brave souls risking stone chips to their immaculate classics.




Stage 3 finished with only one casualty to a fan belt on Sid’s 993 C4S. Robert donated his spare. The crew assembled like Chicago union workers on pot hole in the city, all giving advice, but no skin. Curious Harley riders even stopped to give advice.







Stage 4 took out Nicks hope of giving the Citroens guff as his trans let go on the final stretch to Old Man River. Nick’s great attitude never faltered as he simply worked a deal to flat bed the Benz back to Chicago on Monday. “Ahh the trans was on it’s way out anyway”, he quipped. Andy D. rescued the fallen Benz owner in his trusty Citreon for a good dose of karma.

Special thanks to Neal A., Robert W., Ryan B., and Brian H. for their driving leadership through out the afternoon. A thankless job that kept the run groups in order and on the road.

After all the hard work it was time for cocktails in McGregor.





Our supper club hosts thought we were pretty special and gave us the whole banquet room with one long table down the middle. Special, maybe, odd, – yes. Regardless, drivers enjoyed steak, walleye and pork chops.





Drivers continued late into the evening enjoying more cocktails and camaraderie at a few local establishments.  Nick even brought his libation kit for a night cap of custom Manhattans and cigars around the pool.




Sunday morning brought grey skies and a strong threat of rain. Cup of a strong coffee was needed, but never found as we departed the river town on our journey east.




By 10:00am we beat the storm and the skies cleared. The quiet drive back to Chicago always gives much needed time for reprise and reflection on the heart-pumping antics of the previous days adventure.

Special thanks to Tom O. for punishing Nick as his 964 chauffeur on the 5 hour jaunt back.

TFD14.2 will conclude the 2014 driving season in much the same style as TFD14.1 started.




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