The Final Drive (TFD18)



The Final Drive Series is our famous driver bootcamp weekend for experienced Fuelfed drivers only. For those who are not familiar with this 16 year running event, a couple of important facts to get out of the way first:

  1. TFD is a private Fuelfed member only event. Passengers are not permitted to drive.
  2. TFD is open to all cars, but limited to 35 cars under 500hp.
  3. TFD new drivers must run in Group 4 for the first stage.
  4. TFD goes back to our roots and focuses on driving and more driving.
  5. TFD is all about camaraderie as it has always been.
  6. TFD is not be suitable for frail vintage cars.
  7. Not all those who apply get approved.
  8. TFD focuses on steak, cocktails & cigars after a hard day’s driving.
  9. $35 event fee per car payable at the driver’s meeting.
  10. TFD is often imitated, but never duplicated.

IMPORTANT: If you’re interested in attending this private event, you must first become a member and have existing Fuelfed member as a reference. Please email us with your inquiry. Once approved, we’ll send you details and hotel info.

Due to blatant copying of our unique event formats by wannabes, we will only post a very light overview.



7 Responses to “The Final Drive (TFD18)”

  1. George Rudawsky Says:

    Interested in the final drive. It would be a nice event before I have to put the 914-6GT clone to bed for the winter. Please send details.

  2. Dominique Legeai Says:

    …looks like I need to switch the 602cc for a 3.2 Porsche engine on my Citroen 2cv…great program though!

    • The Driver Says:

      Yeah, the old 911 is the tool of choice for this event. The pictures don’t tell the whole story. The diesel Benz, Citroen SMs or E-Types that drive always have a blast.

  3. Dominique Legeai Says:

    …I know I cannot participate this year, but could you e-mail me the details anyway so as to plan ahead for 2016?
    Thank you

  4. John Shank Says:

    Interested in participating in TFD, but most likely not up to speed with driving skills as car has be laid up for almost year. Engine rebuild not quite broken in and would mostly likely need to have a evaluation of the braking system before participating, car and driver would not be ready this year anyway. But, what sort preparation or training would you recommend a driver preform, to become more properly prepared for a TFD participation?

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