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Tight Fuelfed Community

May 28, 2022

Excellent morning at Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Douglas. Always great people and variety of classics. Proud to bring this exclusive community together.

It’s Why We Drive, Not What…

March 23, 2014


What started as a small club among friends who were obsessed with modifying and racing their classic European cars, has now grown into a private enthusiasts club of over 550 members. Fuelfed focuses on driving, socializing and promoting the passion of unique European automotive ownership. As a diverse group of enthusiasts, we each take pride in our own choice of marque, yet as a collective group, we all share the same Fuelfed Spirit. For us, it has always been about WHY WE DRIVE, NOT WHAT.

Interested in driving and socializing with the most unique and fastest growing club in Chicagoland?

Tell us why driving inspires you.