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Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington This Sunday Morning

May 19, 2023

Looking forward to seeing our western members this Sunday morning in downtown Barrington.

Fuelfed Coffee and Classics Winnetka

October 25, 2022

The Fuelfed tradition continues every October in Winnetka when we feature members who dress in the era from which their classic was in production. The top three as chosen by our event workers receive a trophy for their creativity. We also encourage spectators to dress up.

Classics in Harbor Country

July 3, 2022

Another great intimate Coffee & Classics in Douglas this weekend. Always a fresh display of different member classics at each gathering.

The Collectors’ Collector

November 19, 2010

The famous unrestored Gillette Silver Ghost


Ever go to an event at a shop that claims to have some interesting projects? We all have, and most end up just having the obligatory rotting muscle cars unfinished in the corner and a few engines on stands. Well, Saturday some Fuelfed drivers were treated to quite the awe-inspiring surprise. Without going into boring detail, we got to see the world’s most extensive Rolls Royce collection.



Our host Jeff M. is a collector unlike any other. First he likes his cocktails as he hunts, restores, preserves and displays all his cars himself with a little help from a staff of six. Yep, English wheels, nibblers and tig welders all employed to take a $70,000 basket case Silver Ghost back to a $700,000 gem. But, Jeff doesn’t do it for money; he’s essentially a one-man custodian for the breed. Crate Merlin airplane engines, NOS grills, toolings— you name it, he has it.


NOS Merlin headers


The collection has a few of everything, but mostly pre and post war specimens. We liked the unrestored Vanderbilt owned 1937 Phantom 3. The unrestored 1918 Gillette owned Silver Ghost and zero mile Bentley Continental T. Just these three cars represent over an estimated $100 million just to scratch the surface of what is hidden in this prestigious collection.

Thanks Jeff for sharing your amazing world!


Unrestored Vanderbilt Phantom 3