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Rapidly Appreciating Cars Can Cool Just As Quickly

December 8, 2016


By: Brian Rabold

According to the latest Hagerty Vehicle Ratings, previously scorching models like the 1964-67 Porsche 911, the 1984-89 Porsche 911 and the Ford GT are suffering minor hangovers now that interest has waned. These cars find themselves in the bottom following massive supply spikes – the direct result of lots of high-profile sales. Expect this to be a temporary blip as buyers stop chasing rising values with aspirational asking prices and supply begins tightening up.

Major inversions also occurred with the Porsche 924 (rated an 82 in July) and the DeTomaso Pantera (a 60 in July). Both have cooled considerably over the past two months, and now sit at a 20. The already cool first-generation Corvair got downright icy, losing 38 points to settle at an 8.




Another theme is that classic British cars continue trailing the market. In fact, six of the bottom 25 models hail from England. The Austin-Healey 3000, Jaguar XK120 and Mk IV Austin-Healey Sprites occupied similar spots in the July rating, but they are now joined by the MG-TF, the Triumph TR4 and the Rolls-Royce Corniche. It seems that shifting preferences towards more modern cars is coming at the expense of models from the Land of Hope and Glory.

View the list of the 25 lowest rated vehicles.


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Fuelfed Member on Wheeler Dealers

November 16, 2016



For those who watch Wheeler Dealers on the Velocity Channel, one of our own Fuelfed members will be on the show Wednesday night. 11.16.16 8:00PM CST.

Premier Episode: Mike’s looking for luxury, and finds it in the most expensive car Mercedes had to offer in 1983: the 500SEC.  With the right example and the help of a passionate (Fuelfed) enthusiast, Mike locates everything he needs to transform our coupe into a beautiful AMG Wide Body Tribute. Edd exercises his magic to turn our conservative SEC into a menacing autobahn cruiser.



More Fuelfed Press From Tom Cotter

November 4, 2016



So exactly one year ago today, we get a call from establishing Fuelfed member Lou Natenshon to ask if he can bring a friend of his to the Fuelfed OPEN in Lake Forest that Sunday morning. We said “of course” and appreciated him asking. Turns out his friend was Tom Cotter, the famous author of such popular automotive books as Cobra in the Barn & 50 Shades of Rust among a few. Tom was to embark on a new journey down Route 66 to start his newest book Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip. Lou thought it appropriate to start the book’s themed adventure at what he assured Tom was the best car gathering he’ll see on his whole trip. The November morning was sunny and warm as Tom, famous photographer Michael Allan Ross and Brian Barr arrived in their yellow resto-modded Woody. Since the Fuelfed OPEN is for all current members cars classic, modern European & American, the crowd was huge and Tom & crew were taken back at the as his states: “A truly amazing assortment of high-end classics unlike the other cars & coffee type events I’ve been to”.





The Fuelfed clan did the meet & greet thing for an hour or so and sent Tom and crew on their away with a big cheer south towards Chicago to start Route 66.

So, today we get a call from Lou asking if we saw the newly published book by Mr. Cotter. No, we reply. “Well, Fuelfed has a two page spread to start the book”. 


Click image to enlarge

Hey what-da-ya-know there we are. The story follows the day-by-day antics of people and their classic cars as well as local flavors sampled as they cross the country town by town. Well written as Tom always does, and Michael Allan Ross has the sharp eye to capture the right details that matter. A good read for sure.
We are very honored to be part of his great story.

Learn more about all Tom Cotter’s books.



Speaking of the Fuelfed OPEN, this Sunday morning is the very same event Tom loved in Lake Forest.

8:00AM -11:00AM

Lake Forest map

Harry Caray’s Last Call…

November 3, 2016

Yes, the world now knows the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. Yes, goat burgers for everyone!

The above video for Budweiser was produced here in Chicago and managed by a few Fuelfed connections over many, many late nights. It pays tribute to the biggest Cubs fan ever. He can rest now that his (and our) dream as been realized.

Zen and the Art of Fuelfed

August 24, 2016

14-singer-911-targa-1This recent article from Autoblog entitled “Don’t Give Into the Conveniences of Life”  is certainly sympathetic to one of the main Fuelfed tenets: Quit worrying about the car so much and DRIVE it.

More from Pebble Beach

August 20, 2016



Couple quick shots of Fridays’ field of dreams. Above we have our own Fuelfed member Cam A. who has brought his Miura out west for the party and auction. Not sure what Jay’s thinking with the green & red sea of Miuras splayed before for him.

The below shots are provided by our own Steve Pala.





Live from Pebble Beach

August 18, 2016



This mornings line-up of classics for the road tour. Lucky member Steve Pala is feeding us a couple shots as they happen.







Spilling the Secrets of the MGB

July 23, 2016


Submitted by Jonathan A. Stein

With almost 400,000 MGBs built over the course of 18 years, you’d think that there would be very little left that the entire world didn’t know about MG’s most prolific model.

Of course there’s no secret when it comes to the engine, transmission and suspension, which were heavily based on those of the MGA. And, it’s equally well known that unlike the MGA, the MGB used unibody construction. But, here are a few things you probably didn’t know.

  • One of the reasons the engine bay of the MGB was so wide was to accommodate the Twin Cam cylinder head of the MGA Twin Cam. But many development and reliability problems sent BMC scurry away from the powerful, but problematic engine.
  • The MGA coupe works development car, registered KMO 326, served as a high-speed test bed for the MGB’s revised front suspension and disc brakes.
  • A disproportionate number of early MGBs destined for North America were finished in Iris blue, a light blue shade carried over from the MGA.
  • Although the MGB/GT design was prepared by Pininfarina, the original concept for the car came from MG General Manager John Thornley, who conceived the fastback as a poor man’s Aston Martin.
  • Although North American-bound MGBs received a new padded dashboard without a glove box beginning with the 1968 model year, UK market cars continued on with the less-yielding metal dashboard.

There are plenty other little bits of trivia about the MGB that might not necessarily be considered secrets. For the North American market, 1969 was the first year of reclining seats and the last year of leather seating surfaces. In 1973 and 1974, US market B/GTs received fabric upholstery, while roadsters used vinyl. And, of course, there were those unsightly rubber bumpers that were introduced in mid-year 1974 as the most expedient way to meet new five miles-per-hour crash regulations. The solution to meeting the new Federal headlight requirement was even less elegant: raise the ride height until the lights were legal. It didn’t do much for the handling, but the car continued to sell until the bitter end in 1980.

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The British Auction Market Before Brexit

July 10, 2016


Submitted by Andrew Newton

The U.K.’s referendum on European Union membership saw British voters voting to leave the E.U. by a 52.1 percent to 48.9 percent margin. What immediately followed was financial turmoil. The pound sterling fell to a 30-year low against the dollar and markets around the world saw some of their biggest single-day drops in years. In addition to the U.K.’s financial instability there’s also political confusion. PM David Cameron is resigning and no other British politicians seem to want to take his place, Scottish independence is back on the table and nobody knows what a British exit from the E.U. will actually look like or how long it will take.


Brexit Effect chart


All this uncertainty has led people to question what it means for the classic car market. Thanks to very unfortunate scheduling, Bonhams’ Goodwood Festival of Speed sale was held hours after the results were announced and at the height of the panic and shock that the “Leave” campaign actually won. Total value of vehicles sold added up to £7,630,475, way down from the almost £17.8 million in 2015. Looking further to the future, will a weaker pound and a British economy in recession mean easy pickings for foreign buyers as British enthusiasts sell off their cars? Or will global economic uncertainty mean that people throughout the world invest in collectibles and drive prices up? That much is still unclear, but it is worth noting that the collector car auction market in the U.K. was slowing well before last week.

As the euro has weakened relative to the dollar over the past couple of years, European buyers have been less active on the auction scene both in the U.S. and the U.K. British and American buyers remain fairly active, but the pound has weakened as well and as that has occurred, the total value of vehicles sold at auction in the UK has also decreased. For example, last September’s U.K. auctions featuring three big sales were down significantly from previous years, so while what happened at the Goodwood sale was surely affected by the Brexit vote, it also continues a trend predating the E.U. referendum.


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The 2016 Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 Site is Live!

May 12, 2016



As many of you know, we’ve been working hard getting things in order for next months inaugural MotorGearo 250. We’ve curated the right vehicles and the right people to make our first vintage rally something very special. Special how? How’s a Ferrari 250 Gt, Lancia Aurelia, Aston DB2S & a Vincent Rapide to list just a few? Pictures and event info can be at our dedicated MG250 website and you’ll want check it out.




We’re very proud to have HAGERTY,  Andy Daley,  BTR Chicago,  Imports Unlimited,  Motoworks, Northshore Sportscars,  Retrospeed,  The Chocolatier &  The Last Detail as our MG250 partners.

We’re pre-driven all 7 fabulous stages and ironed-out details for all our stops, meals & cocktails. And we must say, the little towns we stop in have rallied behind us and they are as excited as we are. Pretty much a closed street car show at every stop.