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Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL

December 16, 2017


While us rust-belters brace for the coming polar vortex we call the second season, our Fuelfed brothers to the south in Fort Lauderdale have been busy driving their classics. The array of European classics has being expanding as our man Martin holds court each month at Coffee & Classics® FTL.

Martin explains below.



If you weren’t around for the November Coffee & Classics Fort Lauderdale, well, you missed a pretty amazing event! There was a little bit of everything, German, Italian, Swedish and English. We’re still hoping for something French to grace us one of these days. (insert French car reliability joke here)



The iron butt award definitely goes to Chicago Fuelfed member Joe R. who towed his fantastic little Messerschmitt convertible all the way from Sarasota to be with us. It was also great to have first timers Steve S. and his monster 300 SEL 6.3, and Richard P. join us with his gorgeous 300 SL Roadster. A big thanks for Jon Van Woerden for taking all the pictures.  I’m sure many of you will want to peruse them. Thanks again to all of you who’ve been with us from early on or who have joined us over the last three years. This event is what it is because of all of you and your great cars.
More pics at

Cheers Martin!


The Fuelfed W317 Recap

October 5, 2017


Let’s say it with a short video. The music adds a better visual experience.

Fuelfed W3 Tour September 23

September 7, 2017


Our Popular W3 Tour, or short for Wood, Water & Wheels take place on Saturday, September 23rd.

This private Fuelfed member only driving event is a well honed day tour through SE Wisconsin’s of rustic roads with lunch in Lake Geneva. The tour culminates with Fuelfed reserved waterfront parking at the famous Abbey Resort for the annual Geneva Lakes Antique and Classic Boat Show. Here you’ll see the best of Chris-Craft, Century & Garwood with a spectacular boat parade around Lake Geneva.

If you work it right, you may catch a water filled ride.

Pics below are from W3 2016



Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington Recap

May 24, 2017


For last Sunday’s Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Barrington we started with questionable weather, but she held back to allow drivers to feel confident to bring their precious iron.



And out they came. Dennis debuted his new FrankenRacer based on a TR3. Robert’s Countach made it. We’re honored that Bob’s stunning silver 250 Berlinetta has become a Barrington staple. Detomaso Magusto… we’ll take two please. The other crowd pleasers were the fleet of Polish Fiat racers and military service truck. Mike’s Doretti and Bob’s unrestored black Ferrari 250GT PF never let down.



We want to thank Epicure and Ambrosia for serving up the coffee, pastries and brunch.


A Great OPEN to the Fuelfed Driving Season

April 13, 2017


The weather started 2017 as great as it finished the 2016 drive season . The Fuelfed OPEN was a fantastic season kick-off with well over 250 cars packed into downtown Lake Forest.



Again, the stunning variety of classic cars was unparalleled. From a Renault Alpine rally car to Joe Bortz Parisienne to a 1929 Indy Miller to a Porsche Ruf 935, the 250 California and 365 GT 2+2 seemed overed shadowed by the little Abarth and the impossibly rare Kaiser Darrin.

Fuelfed is honored to continually have the top collectors & enthusiasts with in our ranks who want to drive and share their classics.

Scroll through a few of the examples below and we think you’ll understand our club pride.



Fuelfed Drive Season Start-Up Social…Just Great People!

March 28, 2017


Our Drive Season Start-Up Social was quite the success last Tuesday evening. Over 100 seasoned members and new initiates mingled in Wilmette’s new little downtown gem. We are proud of our diverse membership and the great attitude they bring to our classic car culture. Every party brings future friends together.



Peter D. – The Consummate Fuelfed Member

January 5, 2017



We first formally met Peter and his wife at Fuelfed Cocktails & Classics in early 2012. As the season progressed he quickly volunteered to work the gates at Coffee & Classics in Winnetka and always showed up at Spontaneous Combustions in a different historic classic. Little did we know the depth of his car affliction.





As Fuelfed grew, so did our friendship with Peter. His passion for 1980’s rally and super cars was unparalleled. He offered test drives of some of the greatest cars ever conceived. F40 full throttle through the Ravines…check. 288GTO at redline on the Edens…check. Lancia S4 tearing up Sheridan Rd…check. His gracious and selfless offerings were just the tip of what was to come.







The Fuelfed Steering Committee was formed in the summer of 2013, and Peter was eager to be part of the board. His vast and well-honed global business leadership gave vital insight & sharp input into formalizing our vibrant club for the discerning collector, and for the young enthusiast. Meetings were long and agenda-filled, yet Peter always kept discussions on point. Eventually, Steering Committee meetings were held in his private shop to ensure the smell of gasoline & rubber was always present and that the club’s focus remained on camaraderie & driving. Inevitably meetings turned to car stories and wine would continue to flow.




Peter was not only a larger than life collector, but he was also a private and strong family man. Peter always put family first, as we all should. And, in turn, that combination often meant some sort of classic European car was part of a family adventure regardless the country he and his family were in.

Peter was very excited to be part of Fuelfed as he found kindred spirits in many fellow members, yours truly in particular. He loved working on his cars and found great therapy in fixing, improving, and detailing his cars. Many a weekend or evening he spent wrenching in his shop.








He LOVED Coffee & Classics in Winnetka and volunteering at the main gate. He was a fixture there and selfless, seldom missing a month.

The man knew cars – no BS story got past him…period. Peter had a wry sense of humor which he shared with many regulars passing through the gate on his watch. He enjoyed the detailed car conversations that occur at every C&C, and would gladly spend time sharing his knowledge with others. He often spent time at the end each Coffee & Classics letting young enthusiasts explore his Ferraris, BMW M1, Lancia Stratos or whatever he drove that month. Several were fortunate enough to get a short ride (with parental consent).






It is with heavy heart that we have lost a great personal friend and immensely influential Fuelfed founder in December of 2016. Peter D. will forever be greatly missed and he had made countless contributions worldwide seen and unseen. Fuelfed will dedicate an annual event in his honor.






Despite the 34 Degrees & Rain…

April 10, 2016



Despite everyone’s best guess and app studying to call the OPEN, we ran it anyway. Regardless of the 34 degrees & rain, the 2016 Fuelfed season OPENer in Lake Forest still saw 24 classics and quite a few moderns. Probably the nastiest weather in the history of Fuelfed events and yet most everyone stuck it out and chatted it up until 11:00am.





We’re proud we have some die hard enthusiasts where good conversation is more important than staying warm and dry. But that’s Chicago we guess.














Fuelfed OPEN November 2015 Lake Forest

March 14, 2016



The Lake Forest OPEN always draws a great mix of all classics. Last November was no exception. From Joe’s incredible Amelia winner Maserati A6G Berlinetta to the other Joe’s one off custom 1940’s black Lincoln. Even Tom Cotter started his newest road trip book at the OPEN. Just four weeks to April’s 2016 season kick off.





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Fuelfed Concorso Italiano in Winnetka

January 27, 2016


Those familiar with Fuelfed Coffee & Classics in Winnetka, know that we have a long standing relationship with Ferrari and every September C&C becomes our own Concorso Italiano. While Lincoln & Elm are the still the epicenter of European classics, east Elm and surrounding blocks through out the neighborhood become a sea of Italian metal, classic & modern. The Auto Committee took the opportunity capture some of the pageantry as the event as it was winding down. Thanks to Schmitt Haus for sending us this clip.