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This Sunday Coffee and Classics will Feature Porsche 356

May 25, 2019


This Sunday 5.26.19 our Coffee and Classics will feature Porsches’ first model platform that set the future course of all future air-cooleds that followed: the great 356.

All 356s will have featured parking on north Lincoln Ave.

Parking starts at 9:00am.



Those posting pictures online, we ask that give the courtesy to let others know you were at Fuelfed Coffee & Classics. And yes. Fuelfed has an official Instagram account #fuelfedcarclub.

Finally we do not allow any soliciting, nor marketing of your car or services at any Fuelfed events.


Fuelfed MotorGearo 250

April 5, 2019

We’re six weeks out for our 4th annual MotorGearo 250. This Fuelfed vintage road rally has garnered the well-earned reputation for serious driving along well-planned routes, the best local cuisine and nightly cocktails. All packed in two quick days.

More at

Fuelfed 2019 Swap Meet Continues Success

March 23, 2019



The Fuelfed Classic European Parts & Memorabilia Swap Meet is and has always been a special experience. Since its inception six years ago, it has always been held at The Last Detail in North Chicago. Tom and Brian always have something interesting on display and in progress. The one of three Iso Griffo Specials was naked in the spray booth for all to look up its skirt. And, the room of Rolls was open to wander into as well, and what a treat.





2019 saw several new vendors including Ed and Mark, with a spread of vintage British bits and collectables. Gail brought her hand-made jewelry made of old car parts; some we’re sure were formerly Ed’s. Michael brought vintage motor art that was sold for charity and raised $900 for the morning. Not too shabby. Motorcultura was there with garage signage, Motorivet Gloves and the quite popular Canaffeine Coffee. The retro coffee cans were offered in two designs: Maranello & Gmund. Yes, Porsche edged out Ferrari in sales again. Yep, the ever-popular author Burt Levy was at it again, as were Lou, Rex, John and Hagerty to name a few.










But what sets our event off has always been the camaraderie. Yes, the lost art of conversation lives strong in this hearty group as members always seem excited to see each other after the holidays. The venue and petroliana shopping conspire to enhance the babbling. What better way to spend a winter’s morning?





















Drivers Club

March 18, 2019

Just another rainy drive with some members. No garage queens here.

Frosty and the G-Wagon

January 27, 2019

You’d be smiling if you had a vintage G-wagon in your driveway too. Proving the Fuelfed driving spirit doesn’t have be put away when the snow hits.

Fuelfed Auction Barometer?

January 23, 2019


As one of the most respected private car clubs in the US, we see what our members are buying or selling and why. Unlike others that report what has already happened based on auction results. We see what’s happening before the auctions. Every year from Amelia to Pebble between 10 to 14% of the auction dollars are Fuelfed member cars. In late 2018, we asked our top collector members how they were re-positioning their collections for 2019.

Three basic questions and their basic answers:

1. What percentage of your current collection are you selling in the near future?
Average answer was 4 to 5 cars. Or roughly 22% of their collection.

2. What cars are you looking to acquire?
Average answer was 0 to 1 car.

3. What is your strategy on those positions?
Most answered that they want thin out the random cars and get down to the cars they really liked. A few were looking to raise capital for other investments.

What does this all mean? With a 4 to 1 sell to buy ratio…well you can do the math. Let’s see if our small collector world is any barometer.




Our Favorite Aussie Member

January 9, 2019

Our favorite Aussie sporting proper head and foot attire.

Air-Cooled Porsche History Made in Winnetka

January 4, 2019


On August 19, 2018, a record setting 140 air-cooled Porsches from the far reaches of the Midwest converged in the village of Winnetka, Illinois. Each owner a passionate enthusiast of a bygone era. An era flush with automotive history. On that special Sunday in August 2018, enthusiasts shared their own unique history.

Going forward our Luftgruppe event will be known as Zuffengruppe. Learn more and register for the August 2019 event at

We want thank Nikko Salgado ( for his excellent job capturing what vintage Porsche ownership is truly about.

Thankful 2018

December 31, 2018

2018 marked the 20th anniversary of Fuelfed. We are very proud of our private drivers club and our great membership. These incredible enthusiasts have set the benchmark in camaraderie and passion that has established our events as a top leader in the vintage European car culture.

Hoping 2019 brings every enthusiast quality garage and drive time.

Things We are Thankful For…

November 21, 2018

Health. Working in the garage hasn’t killed us yet, so it must be making us stronger.

Family. They haven’t abandoned us despite all the time we spend in the garage.

Friends. Whenever we need them in my garage, they come a runnin’ with beer and free advice.

Fuelfed. Without this close group of crazy car nuts, driving old cars would have no purpose.