2017 Fuelfed MotorGearo Video




The Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 is a vintage European road rally run on June 1-2, 2018. This is our curated driving event for vintage European vehicles running two days over eight well-sorted stages through rural Wisconsin. We’ve worked hard to give a unique and varied driving experience that accentuates classic car ownership. Having run dozens of rallies in rural Wisconsin, we know all the best roads and how to sequence them better than anyone else. The format is structured, yet casual in the famous Fuelfed tradition.

Speaking of tradition, what Fuelfed event would be complete without a unique culinary experience? We’ve put the details into availing only the best local establishments that our selected routes provide.

The MG250 is limited to 35 European cars manufactured prior to 1990. We will curate
the entrant vehicles based on varied criteria, but overall, on unique diversity. We want everyone to be excited about driving with other classics that they would not otherwise have an opportunity to experience on the open road.

We want to thank Nikko Salgado and Robert for doing a great job of capturing some of spirit of the Fuelfed MotorGearo 250 from 2017. Make sure have your volume up as Nikko puts details into the music as much as he does his editing. More amazing, is that despite having car troubles (read: blown engine) on day two of the rally, they were able get what they needed with the help of Mike from Hagerty, who went out of his way to accommodate their needs.

Check www.motorgearo.com for the 2018 event details.


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