2018 Fuelfed Swap Meet Recap



So we started 2018 with our 5th annual Fuelfed Classic Swap Meet at The Last Detail’s fantastic facility in North Chicago, IL. The Swap Meet continues to evolve and change each year and it’s interesting to see what are the hot old items annually. This year we had a record 28 vendors and several hundred attendees. Most of these were current Fuelfed members.



Of course we couldn’t pull off the Swap Meet, nor other events without the help of our great volunteers. These members got there at 7:30am to run the entry point and help mask off the vendors slots as well as help clean up afterwards. Big thanks to Tom & Brian from The Last Detail who have been supporters of Fuelfed since our first Coffee & Classics in Winnetka way back in 2010. At 11:00am Tom gave an informative overview on the history, evolution and future direction of TLD.



Interesting to hear how our car community works off each others strengths. How TLD prefers to work with Fuelfed supporters like Hagerty when it comes to insurance work, and how Perfect Power is their go to for 911 engine builds and visa versa. While we’re patting backs, one of our silent supporters has been Peet’s Coffee in Winnetka, who have been providing coffee to all our Swap Meets and to our gate workers at C&C Winnetka since they opened in 2016.



So what was selling this year? Vintage air-cooled 911, Alfa & BMW parts were the big movers. Model cars, tools, good old magazines and books always move, as did vintage posters and petroliana. Big scores were E-type wires, 914 four Fuchs, and a SSI exhaust system for a 930 turbo. Even older MotorGearo swag was moving.



Most importantly, and the main reason so many Fuelfed members look forward to the Swap Meet, is the camaraderie. As member Dennis Raucci stated in his thank you email: “being with a great group people in engaging conversations at well executed events are the hallmark of Fuelfed.We couldn’t agree more. And as quick as the crowds came in, they were gone to enjoy the rest of their Saturday.



2 Responses to “2018 Fuelfed Swap Meet Recap”

  1. trnkablog Says:

    Really nice coverage! Great pictures, too.

    Really sorry I had to miss it.



  2. Raymond Koenig Says:

    Hey, good swap meet again this year. I didn’t make the video but made a serious sale. Sold my 4 Revolution wheel  with Yokohama tires before the doors opened. Could have sold them 4 times They fit a Mini Cooper S. I have been the 356 and BMW route. Now this is my first ’66 Mini Cooper S and they are fun. And gaining in value each year. Carini of “Chasing Cars” is looking for his personal Mini Cooper S. See you at the first Fuel Fed Sunday in the Spring. Good work.   Ray   

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