Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL



While us rust-belters brace for the coming polar vortex we call the second season, our Fuelfed brothers to the south in Fort Lauderdale have been busy driving their classics. The array of European classics has being expanding as our man Martin holds court each month at Coffee & Classics® FTL.

Martin explains below.



If you weren’t around for the November Coffee & Classics Fort Lauderdale, well, you missed a pretty amazing event! There was a little bit of everything, German, Italian, Swedish and English. We’re still hoping for something French to grace us one of these days. (insert French car reliability joke here)



The iron butt award definitely goes to Chicago Fuelfed member Joe R. who towed his fantastic little Messerschmitt convertible all the way from Sarasota to be with us. It was also great to have first timers Steve S. and his monster 300 SEL 6.3, and Richard P. join us with his gorgeous 300 SL Roadster. A big thanks for Jon Van Woerden for taking all the pictures.  I’m sure many of you will want to peruse them. Thanks again to all of you who’ve been with us from early on or who have joined us over the last three years. This event is what it is because of all of you and your great cars.
More pics at http://www.jonvanwoerden.com/

Cheers Martin!



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