The Enthusiasts Shop




Friend and Fuelfed member Hugh R. has been the curator of Barrington’s classic car enthusiast’s boutique The Finish Line for years. This holiday season Hugh has again opened a seasonal shop in downtown Barrington at 220 S. Cook. We thought we’d pay a visit to The Finish Line to see what he’s up to this year.




The quint downtown area of Barrington was alive with Christmas activities as we made our way to the boutique. As we walked in, Hugh was there to greet us and shed the unique history for every item in his shop.





From vintage driving caps to Cuban Gran Prix posters signed by Fangio, from C-Type gear shift knobs to an F1 nose cone, The Finish Line has quite the spread of automobilia and clothing sure to make the quality short list of any Fuelfed enthusiast. All items are authentic and hand picked by Hugh to present the highest quality, so don’t expect to find a $5 fake Ferrari hat from China. Fuelfed always supports our local merchants and we highly recommend that you drop that mouse and use your right foot to get to Barrington, it’s well worth the drive and make sure to bring your beautiful co-pilot.







The Finish Line, Inc. Boutique
220 S. Cook Street
Barrington, IL




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