April C&C Debrief



As is our event policy, rain or shine and we’ll let the drivers decide if they want to drive or not. The weather predicted 90% of rain for our first Coffee & Classics® of 2017. Unfortunately they were right for once. Nonstop rain all morning. Up went the blue rain tents for the first time in our eight year history of Coffee & Classics.

We have to thank all the workers that proved their integrity by doing their job regardless. A big thanks to Mel, Jean, Neal, Sid, Scott, Howard, Shahin, little Justin, John, John S., Dennis & Patrick.



Well, they did come one by one. Someone must have announced that it was beige German car day, as half the cars were just that. Several new members in their British iron made the trip, even the little 2CV from Barrington, and yes they all started.



As drab as it was, about 35 members came out just to support the effort in their modern cars. The blue tents became the mecca for rainy morning car chat.



Not up to the normal Fuelfed standards attendance-wise, but everyone enjoyed each others company and that’s what Fuelfed is truly about.







2 Responses to “April C&C Debrief”

  1. Bill Maloney Says:

    Ugh! Now I feel bad that I did not show up. You all are braver than me and I feel weak! Looking forward to the next one.

  2. Peter and Mary Ann Says:

    That is our red Mini. First time out this year. The event was fun and it was great to meet everyone. The rain only made the cars feel more at home – it can be rather damp across the pond! We look forward to the next event. 🙂

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