The Chicago Perspective on Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL



We had the great fortune to combine a business trip the same weekend of Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Fort Lauderdale. We’ve all seen the pictures and heard the reports from our man Martin, but never actually met any of the people, nor witnessed the cars.



First and foremost, Martin could not be a better host and Fuelfed brand ambassador, and we are grateful to have him in our garage. We met Martin at an early 7:30am at his garage and, yes, it was still painfully darkish. Martin insisted that his classics be driven by his associates from the hinterland. Lorraine drove the famous silver 2002tii touring and I drove the e34 “Fire Car”. Yes, a real fire marshal car straight from Germany. The stunning 2.0 four banger was challenged to keep up with the 2002tii.



We pulled into the lot across from the mighty Atlantic at Las Olas and the A1A and quickly got coffees to fight the cool breeze off the ocean.

Cars started to arrive one after another and Martin quickly greeted each one of them with a handshake.



All were happy to see their monthly car buddies, similar to how Fuelfed started the Sunday morning events 8 years ago. Every car was different. Different as in a 1950s DKW cabriolet, BMW Z1, BMW e34 Euro M5 Touring and 356 cabrio with ultra-rare hard top.



Martin made sure he talked to everyone in attendance as well as making it a point that everyone know that there were special guests from Fuelfed Chicago. This led to offers for Lorraine to drive her two all-time favorites: the 356 and 280sl. Something we hadn’t experienced since the late Peter D. trustingly gave us the keys to his F40.



The vibe is definitely a very friendly and a tight group of enthusiasts eager to share all things European.



We spent time comparing vintage touring notes with Dirk de Groen, the president of the BMWCCCoA, which then led to insiders’ tips on where to go in Miami. Wynwood…yes!

We spent time talking MGs, Alfa Milanos, 6 series, restored 914s and 1 owner e30 M3s and Grey Goose Rolls… but doesn’t everyone?

Overall, we love the group of big-hearted friendly enthusiasts Martin has brought together under the Fuelfed umbrella. The C&C-FTL experience made us appreciate all the people that make our events a stand-out.

Bring on the first C&C Winnetka of 2017! Oh wait, that’s this coming Sunday!




3 Responses to “The Chicago Perspective on Fuelfed Coffee & Classics FTL”

  1. Martin Says:

    Thanks very much guys! It was so great to have you come down for the visit! The door is always open to anyone from Fuelfed Chicago to come and join us for one of our monthly gatherings. As they say down south, “Y’all just cummon.”



  2. John Shank Says:

    Wow, love the Audi convertible, what year and what model?

    • Martin Says:

      Hi John, it’s a 1961 DKW 1000 SP. many people look at it and think it’s a thunderbird, then realize it’s too small and take another look. It’s a stunning car. The 3 cyl two stroke engine gives it a great little sound as it drives off.

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