Has the Classic Car Market Shifted?




With all eyes on Scottsdale & Phoenix for the winter auctions, investors are watching for the market trends to base their next move. With Hagerty & Sports Car Market going by what sells and for how much to base their predictions.

Fuelfed has different vantage point. You see, Fuelfed has several of the countries’ top collectors with in our ranks. Collectors who have won Pebble & Amelia several times (and yes some of these are at Coffee & Classics). Collectors that have not just a few 7 digit cars, but 10x that.




Every December when the driving season has calmed, we do a light survey with these collectors and their plans for the forthcoming auction series. Interestingly, most Fuelfed collectors opt for Amelia Island and not Arizona to do their trading. You can probably guess why.




Anyway, this year there was a big uptick in cars going to Amelia. Not just a few 1960s Ferraris, but over 60 high ticket vintage Europeans being sold off with in the club. Are these collectors feeling the classic car run-up has peaked? Time to move in another direction? From what we’re hearing in Arizona…

We’re not predicting, we’re just reporting what we see from our garage stool.





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