Peter D. – The Consummate Fuelfed Member




We first formally met Peter and his wife at Fuelfed Cocktails & Classics in early 2012. As the season progressed he quickly volunteered to work the gates at Coffee & Classics in Winnetka and always showed up at Spontaneous Combustions in a different historic classic. Little did we know the depth of his car affliction.





As Fuelfed grew, so did our friendship with Peter. His passion for 1980’s rally and super cars was unparalleled. He offered test drives of some of the greatest cars ever conceived. F40 full throttle through the Ravines…check. 288GTO at redline on the Edens…check. Lancia S4 tearing up Sheridan Rd…check. His gracious and selfless offerings were just the tip of what was to come.







The Fuelfed Steering Committee was formed in the summer of 2013, and Peter was eager to be part of the board. His vast and well-honed global business leadership gave vital insight & sharp input into formalizing our vibrant club for the discerning collector, and for the young enthusiast. Meetings were long and agenda-filled, yet Peter always kept discussions on point. Eventually, Steering Committee meetings were held in his private shop to ensure the smell of gasoline & rubber was always present and that the club’s focus remained on camaraderie & driving. Inevitably meetings turned to car stories and wine would continue to flow.




Peter was not only a larger than life collector, but he was also a private and strong family man. Peter always put family first, as we all should. And, in turn, that combination often meant some sort of classic European car was part of a family adventure regardless the country he and his family were in.

Peter was very excited to be part of Fuelfed as he found kindred spirits in many fellow members, yours truly in particular. He loved working on his cars and found great therapy in fixing, improving, and detailing his cars. Many a weekend or evening he spent wrenching in his shop.








He LOVED Coffee & Classics in Winnetka and volunteering at the main gate. He was a fixture there and selfless, seldom missing a month.

The man knew cars – no BS story got past him…period. Peter had a wry sense of humor which he shared with many regulars passing through the gate on his watch. He enjoyed the detailed car conversations that occur at every C&C, and would gladly spend time sharing his knowledge with others. He often spent time at the end each Coffee & Classics letting young enthusiasts explore his Ferraris, BMW M1, Lancia Stratos or whatever he drove that month. Several were fortunate enough to get a short ride (with parental consent).






It is with heavy heart that we have lost a great personal friend and immensely influential Fuelfed founder in December of 2016. Peter D. will forever be greatly missed and he had made countless contributions worldwide seen and unseen. Fuelfed will dedicate an annual event in his honor.







10 Responses to “Peter D. – The Consummate Fuelfed Member”

  1. Sam Danenberger IV Says:

    The loss and the sadness is both profound and palpable.
    We have all lost a great enthusiast and friend.
    Personally, I counted him as a friend of the highest order.
    A Gentleman personified , Peter will be sorely missed but never forgotten . Godspeed Peter.

  2. Jim Garbo Says:

    Although I never met Peter I admired his taste in vehicles. It was always interesting to see what he would bring on Sunday mornings.
    A real loss for his Family, the automotive Hobby, and FuelFed.
    My sincere Condolences.

  3. JB Says:

    GodSpeed PD

  4. 1966bmw1800 Says:

    What?! Was it sudden? Man, what a loss… Very nice essay Brian.



  5. Howard Yefsky Says:

    I was deeply saddened to read of Ptere’s passing. A Prince of a man if ever created.
    My condolences and prayers to his family. Surely a great loss to them as well as his FuelFed Family.
    His Spirit will always be with us at every event.

  6. trnkablog Says:

    Oh no! I know him, I’m so sorry to hear this.

    He’s a young guy, what happened?



  7. andrew menasce Says:

    I am still in shock to learn Peter passed away. I met him through the events and he was such a nice person. Always smiling and willing to share his passion with complete strangers (which i was). His taste in cars was impeccable. Only the good die young. I hope he is somewhere racing his group B cars!

  8. Brian Johnson Says:

    From Brian Johnson:

    Very sorry to hear about Peter. Wanted to share a story I will never forget.

    A summer or two ago there was the 288 on the bridge flanked by an f40 and f50. I didn’t know what the 288 was at that point, obviously it was special as the center point of the line up. I asked Lorraine what it was- she immediately introduced me to Peter. He told me all about the car, why it was built , etc. What I really remember was his explanation of the the windows between the windshield and the side windows. He shared how Enzo kept the same shape between the 288, f40, and f50. It was quite the visual to see it on all three cars on the bridge.

    Peter asked how I was involved and I had told him I had received my father’s AH 3000. Spoke to how it needed paint and other issues and Peter wasn’t bothered in the least. He seemed very happy I was involved in the group.

    What I will most remember is how the two of us, who had never met previously, shared a moment over our shared passion of classic cars.

    When I explain Fuelfed to my friends, I use the example of Peter and his willingness to share his passion with me.

    To your point, he was the epitome of the Fuelfed spirit. I wish I had the chance to know him better.

    Brian Johnson

  9. Geoff Goldberg Says:

    So very sorry about this loss. My best to his family.

  10. John S. Says:

    Wow, I really liked Peter, I did not know him that well, but I was in stitches listening to him and Mark working the main gate. He seemed like a really nice person, smart, and very funny. Great sense of humor. He will be greatly missed.

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