TFD16 is Here!




As twenty five Fuelfed members make final preparations to their chariots for this weekend’s driver bootcamp, the Hammrod sits in its own dust waiting. Waiting in its battle scarred kit from its gloried past. Waiting to unleash all its politically-incorrect, fuel-belching FUry. Waiting to uphold the proud spirit of an event driven by real men who use their right foot and counter-steer to trim slip angles. Waiting for Saturday. Waiting for Fuelfed TFD16.



One Response to “TFD16 is Here!”

  1. trnkablog Says:

    Aww, I’m gonna miss you guys! I got a screw in my rear tire about a month ago and need a set of new tires anyway, so we changed them out and now she’s wearing her winter tires till spring.

    The weather is suppose to be great, so drive fast and be safe!

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