More Fuelfed Press From Tom Cotter




So exactly one year ago today, we get a call from establishing Fuelfed member Lou Natenshon to ask if he can bring a friend of his to the Fuelfed OPEN in Lake Forest that Sunday morning. We said “of course” and appreciated him asking. Turns out his friend was Tom Cotter, the famous author of such popular automotive books as Cobra in the Barn & 50 Shades of Rust among a few. Tom was to embark on a new journey down Route 66 to start his newest book Route 66 Barn Find Road Trip. Lou thought it appropriate to start the book’s themed adventure at what he assured Tom was the best car gathering he’ll see on his whole trip. The November morning was sunny and warm as Tom, famous photographer Michael Allan Ross and Brian Barr arrived in their yellow resto-modded Woody. Since the Fuelfed OPEN is for all current members cars classic, modern European & American, the crowd was huge and Tom & crew were taken back at the as his states: “A truly amazing assortment of high-end classics unlike the other cars & coffee type events I’ve been to”.





The Fuelfed clan did the meet & greet thing for an hour or so and sent Tom and crew on their away with a big cheer south towards Chicago to start Route 66.

So, today we get a call from Lou asking if we saw the newly published book by Mr. Cotter. No, we reply. “Well, Fuelfed has a two page spread to start the book”. 


Click image to enlarge

Hey what-da-ya-know there we are. The story follows the day-by-day antics of people and their classic cars as well as local flavors sampled as they cross the country town by town. Well written as Tom always does, and Michael Allan Ross has the sharp eye to capture the right details that matter. A good read for sure.
We are very honored to be part of his great story.

Learn more about all Tom Cotter’s books.



Speaking of the Fuelfed OPEN, this Sunday morning is the very same event Tom loved in Lake Forest.

8:00AM -11:00AM

Lake Forest map


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