Bugatti Night in Lake Forest




Fuelfed was fortunate enough to get a private invite to member Johnny K’s Bugatti party celebrating the completion of the Great Race from San Rafael to Moline last Monday night in Lake Forest. Race participant, the Pur Sang Bugatti, was there as the star, as well as it’s TV personality and adventure driver Jessi Combs.




It was great drinking with Jessi, but more interestingly was the special guest, legendary Bob Shaw. Shaw negotiated, on behalf of the Schlumpf brothers, the purchase of John Shakespear’s Bugattis, one of the worlds greatest auto collections (today the collection is part of the National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, France.). Shaw has owned and built some of greatest cars of all time.





Not to be out done, Johnny K. put on a private impromptu jam session with members of his band Tempest Rising with Madam X adding special appeal…you had to be there.




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  1. John Richard Koziol Jr Says:

    Very cool

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