Fuelfed Classic Ride Sharing Launch!




After years of popular demand, Fuelfed has launched it’s own ride share service. The new “Cuber” and will now hit the streets in classic Volvos and MK1 Jettas debuting in the Portland Pearl district starting today.

The downloadable smart phone app allows easy ride share requests at the touch of the retro Blaupunkt interface. Just hit the yellow reject button and a well groomed bearded driver will arrive in just a few hours to amaze you with his three pedal skills. Rides are limited to and from coffee houses and breweries for now, but plans to expand to Whole Foods are in the works.





2 Responses to “Fuelfed Classic Ride Sharing Launch!”

  1. Nick Mukkada Says:

    LOL! Now the interesting part is, I’d be one of the guys in the market for this!

  2. Chris Mears Says:

    This sounds terrific. Mind you, you had me at the terrific photo of that 240. Man I love those cars.

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