FFotW: 1986 GTV 6 Callaway Turbo





It’s been interesting how interest in Fuelfed has been shifting. As our club and private events have evolved into the premier venue for the discerning classic European collector and enthusiast, we’ve been getting incredible requests to post all types of classics for sale. Not just one car, but whole collections! Crazy stuff from Facel Vegas to Lotus 99 / T5 GP race cars and everything in between. We’ve chosen to keep these opportunities with in the privacy of the club and out of the public eye.

Today, we felt this little Alfa GTV Callaway Turbo fits back into the Fuelfed flow. Below are the sellers own words.




A very rare Alfa Romeo commissioned Callaway GTV 6. Originally delivered in Dearborn, Michigan late 1986 and spending most of its driving life in Park City, Utah. This Callaway GTV 6 is in completely original condition and is the only example known to exist with original paintwork, tools, books and keys. All components work as they should and the timing belt tensioner was updated to the new non- hydraulic style.




This Callaway GTV 6 sports all original parts including the brake pads, dual disc clutch, even the period correct Goodyear VR tires. Even the sound system is as delivered new and works perfectly. Its underside is free of blemishes and still has the factory undercoating “wax” applied in most areas.




Housed in the Chicago area, I have owned the car since 2000 and have only driven a handful of the 37,700 miles. This example won a “Certificato D’ Oro” (Gold Medal) at the 2008 Alfa Romeo national convention. A 230 HP Italian beast- This is the rarest of the GTV 6 family and the most exciting to drive!




The Callaway GTV 6 was commissioned by Alfa Romeo North America in an effort to increase slumping sales and compete with the Maserati BiTurbo. The program was abandoned almost as quickly as it started and poor record keeping on Alfa’s part puts production numbers between 34 and 36. In a recent conversation with Reeves Callaway he states, “we didn’t even get a chance to have the owners manual printed.”

More information and pictures upon request.



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