Our Own Bill Hall in the Drive Home Rally




While Fuelfed has always focused on classic European motoring, we also focus on members who have unique opportunities. In this case, our own Bill Hall from Milwaukee. Most Fuelfed members know Bill for his generous hospitality and lawn parties at his house on Lake St. up in Elkhart during most historic racing events. He’s also co-hosted the 2013 Fuelfed Fall Classic with his Kettle Call TSD Rally.




Though Bill prefers to drive Italian steeds, he has the fortunate opportunity to drive a 1957 Nomad from Tacoma, WA to Detroit, MI in The Drive Home Rally benefitting Hagerty Education Program. As painful as it sounds, the cars will be driven from December 27 through January 8, 2016, yes right through the rust belt. Cudos to Bill and his two other cohorts for taking the challenge of drum brakes and bias ply tires on live axles while navigating black ice.




Want to see these three classics in person and cheer Bill on? Bill and buddies will be making a pit stop this Wednesday morning January 6, from 9:00-10:00 at the Shell station in Schaumberg. The Shell is located at 517 Mall Dr. Schaumberg.




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