Ed_Hughes BMW_Motorcycle


After college, I got into vintage BMW motorcycles. My father took great interest in my new passion. Always wanting the best, he of course trumped my R60/2 with a R69s. It was during this time in our lives that I got to know my father for the truly great man he was. We learned to ride together. We learned to work on the bikes together. But more importantly, we became great friends. Our favorite rides together, were late night rides up Sheridan Rd. We’d ride in tandam at the same speed to get the bikes rpms in sync and the glorious sound would make us laugh. The rides would culminate on a park bench over looking Lake Michigan in Lake Bluff. He’d bring the flask of bourbon and I’d bring the cigars. We’d sit there talking about life until the wee morning hours. I truly felt connected to my father during these rides.

It’s hard to believe I lost my father three years ago tonight. It feels like he’s been gone 20.



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  1. Ben Robertson Says:

    What a great story! Your picture looks familiar, as my father was also active in the Chicago BMW community.

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