Hinsdale GoGo Joe This Saturday Morning 7:00am



Coming off a great final Spontaneous Combustion at The Last Detail Thursday evening in Keniworth, we harness the Dragonsnake engery into the busy weekend with GoGo-Joe Hindale early this Saturday morning.

Our Fuelfed member-host Andy Blankenburg, has raised the bar in Hinsdale. Definitely worth the drive.
As one automotive journalist put it: “Fuelfed goes from strength to strength in its creativity and high-end camaraderie.” Andy reinforces that statement with his September Hinsdale offering.

If you needed any extra incentive for an early-morning drive, this edition of Go-Go Joe will take us to Vistro, home of nationally recognized (Michelin Star, James Beard Award, Iron Chef) chef Paul Virant.

Vistro’s doors will open early for us with coffee for purchase at the bar. They’ll also have complementary breakfast pastries for us to sample, courtesy of Virant’s pastry chef from his Chicago restaurant, Perennial Virant.

Saturday, September 12
112 S. Washington, Hinsdale. If the street gets full, park in the lot across from Vistro.




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