Abbey & Lou @ Pebble Beach




Of all the Fuelfed members at Pebble Beach this past weekend, none is more deserving of showing than our own Abbey & Lou Natenshon. Those who have been with the club for a while or have been to Coffee & Classics Winnetka have surely met Lou or at least seen either his boat tail Invicta, yellow Iso Griffo or red Devin. Abbey & Lou have given to the Chicagoland classic scene for decades. Whether it was the Auto Historica, Millers at the Mile or their private house parties, they have always kept the standard high and their passion constant. We’ve even had the privilege of drifting around the MKE Mile in Lou’s 1933 Flathead Ford Indy car at the hands of Rex.




So this year Abbey & Lou brought their 1937 Peugeot 402 Cabby out west for the festivities. Now Lou isn’t one to fuss over minute concours details, as he’d prefer to drive rather than polish, so we’re sure it was a painful preparation. Regardless, they made the scene in grand style and made us all proud.

Looking forward to seeing what Lou’s drives this Sunday morning to Winnetka.





One Response to “Abbey & Lou @ Pebble Beach”

  1. Jim Garbo Says:

    I was at Pebble Beach and spent some time with Lou and Abbey on the show field. The crowd loved the period attire that Abbey modeled during the Concours. I also saw quite a few FuelFed members at Luguna Seca and other events on the Peninsula last week.
    The Monterey week is something every car nut should experience at least once.

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