Fuelfed GoGo Joe Glen Ellyn This Saturday Morning




We go back to our roots with GoGo Joe this Saturday from 7:00-8:00am in beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn at:
Starbucks, 536 Cresent Blvd. 60137

What do we mean by roots?





Six years ago when Fuelfed set out to bring focus to classic European car enthusiasts around Chicagoland, the purpose was camaraderie. Not volumes of random cars and vendors vying for attention in a parking lot. Just purely the intent of meeting other good-hearted passionate enthusiasts. Those with a common interest in actually driving and working on their classics.





The Highland House in Highland Park on Sunday mornings was that place for motorcyclists from 1969 through 2005. Our Coffee & Classics in Winnetka was that genesis for classic European car enthusiasts. It has raised the bar of what classic gatherings should be and is unparalleled in variety, quality and rarity. Something we are extremely proud of.




Why GoG Joe then?





GoGo Joes are designed for the enthusiast who enjoys getting up early and spending a little quiet time driving his or her classic before the rest of the world awakens. Spending quality time conversing with a focused group of local enthusiasts in different towns brings true purpose and perspective to what owning a classic is all about.

Join us this Saturday morning August 8 from 7:00-8:00am in beautiful downtown Glen Ellyn at the Starbuck, 536 Cresent Blvd. 60137

Chances are you’ll meet a new friend that will actually know what a Wentworth bolt is.

The pictures in this post are from our June Lake Bluff GoGo Joe with our host John at Prairie Espresso.










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