Fuelfed Garage Night: Tuesday Evening June 16th




In a new event series for our current 2015 members we call Fuelfed Garage Night, we focus on all types of Chicagoland garages. Yes, that magical place where things get done. Things that make our vehicles faster, cleaner or meaner. That place where Fuelfed was born in the wee morning hours on a hot summer night.

Regardless of some of the multi-million dollar European classics that grace our Coffee & Classics events, Fuelfed is not about prestige, but the camaraderie we share when one is able to connect on a higher mechanical level.

Fuelfed Garage Night allows our current 2015 members to get up close and personal for a few hours of intimate conversation with those who literally drive the Fuelfed Spirit with their hands, skill and passion.

Tuesday night June, 16th. 7:00pm to 9:00pm.


Perfect Power
1009 Commerce Ct.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 465-8837

Perfect Power has specialized in racing, servicing and restoring Porsche’s iconic 911 for over 35 years. What many don’t know, is that the wide variety of experience shared by the employees at PP allows them to repair, service or restore almost any racecar, or classic as far back as The Brass Era and beyond. If no one else will fix it, or it’s no longer made, this may be the place to obtain Unobtainium! Perfect Power is owned and operated by Fuelfed member Sol Snyderman.

Fuelfed member David Taitel will be on hand offering light samplings from his new pizzeria Mugs in Buffalo Grove.



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