Rockerbox Lives in Brewtown…Rumble!




With the sell out of Rockerbox to Road America in hopes to bring a hipper crowd to track events, the greedy governess that is RA missed a key ingredient, a consistent brand. That brand was Pilsens’ little brother to the north—Center street and the community grit that tied it together. Can’t serve a steak on a garbage can lid and expect people to want to eat it, ok maybe some with lots of A1 slathered on.





Anyway, Roxerbox the brand, is dead and no matter how many tweets are tweeted, it ain’t gonna happen. Brewtown Rumble is now trying to be the Phoenix from it’s ashes, and to good effect.

Fuelfed member and fellow vintage BMW cycle enthusiast Nate Hill was at our rainy Spontaneous Combustion and was happy to volunteer to be our man on the scene in MKE for the inaugural BR in Pabst City.






In Nate’s words:

The Brewtown Rumble turned out to be a spectacular event on Sunday. Since Rockerbox was moved to Elkhart Lake last year, the Rumble definitely represents a rekindling of a passion for old bikes that will likely endure in this city, hopefully for many years to come. The enthusiasm was palpable as bikes poured in throughout the day, including Fuelfed member Johnny Scheff and gang from Motowerks Chicago.






Lots of vintage euro bikes and artistic creations to be seen — everything from rusty welded monstrosities to the meticulously restored was present.  They had live music, a Miss Brewtown Rumble competition, and award ceremony. Can’t wait until next year!

We want to thank Alex Hawn for letting us borrow some of his extremely talented perspective on the event.

Looks like the grit is back!



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