FFotW: 1974 Norton JPS, $13000


fuelfed-norton-jps Posted 3.17.15 .

Editor Note 3.19.15: Well we tried, but another one fell into the void. The level of civil decency is definitely slipping downward.

Ok, on this FFotW we are going to be selfish and are going  after this one ourselves. Do your research on what the Norton John Player Special is and you’ll realize it’s rarity. In a collector market based on the philosophy of “I have one and you’ll never find another” to raise price bar, this JPS does just that. Not the fastest bike in it’s day, nor great track-cred, just original retro-racer cool looks and ultra low production numbers. You will only see one of these at Mecum or Amelia, not eBay and certainly not CL.

. fuelfed-norton-jps-faring .

Ad reads:

One of 200 produced and sent to U.S., more information here. This bike only has one previous owner and was driven for 10 years but has only been started occasionally for the last 30 years. .


. Refreshed original condition: New tires New plugs New oil & filter New fluids One small scratched area, pictured Clean title in hand and ready to sign over. Must act quickly! Will be gone fast with Motorcycle Season approaching Must have M license to test ride.


Located in Peoria, IL

. fuelfed-norton-jps-tail fuelfed-norton-jps-brochures


One Response to “FFotW: 1974 Norton JPS, $13000”

  1. Ben Schmitt Says:

    Cool as hell. Love motorcycles but my wife would kill me if I went after one. And she lets me get away with a lot.

    Good luck!

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