January Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® FTL




While the Northeast prepared for the onslaught of “Snowpocalypse” it was another sunny Sunday here in Fort Lauderdale. Sunny as it was, it was still considered extreme weather for the locals, as it was in the low 50s. Good thing The Floridian restaurant had plenty of coffee ready to go! I’m pretty sure that the warmth of the bed, a small race taking place up the road in Daytona, and some other competing events over the weekend likely drew people away from this month’s event. That said, we still had six cars with their owners and friends who braved the elements to come out.




Two surprise guests from The Windy City joined us for this month’s event. Bob Burns, who has attended C&C Winnetka with his son, and active Fuelfed member Tyler, brought his friend Gary and Gary’s beautiful Gallardo.




Fellow Chicagoan Murray Bruskin, also a C&C Winnetka participant,  arrived in a gorgeous TR6 that he had driven down from Chicago for his winter stay in the area. Murray mentioned that the car is from the estate of Joe Honor, who had also been involved in the Fuelfed community. Great to see this car pass from one enthusiast to another. It was a pleasure to have the visitors from up north join our burgeoning event. I hope that we’ll see more of them and others from the Midwest in the coming months.





With the exception of two cars, once again it was a whole new group of attendees. As much as I’d like to see a larger group, the fact that the event draws new cars every time says to me that word is getting out. The famous saying is that “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” I guess by event count, we’re only three days in, so as the year moves forward I’m sure good things will come. As always, everyone who comes enjoys the event and assures me that they’re coming back and bringing friends.

I will look forward to seeing all of them and their friends in February!





One Response to “January Fuelfed Coffee & Classics® FTL”

  1. The Driver Says:

    I love hearing that some Fuelfed Chicago members are showing up with cars. How fun is that?

    Here’s wishing you more good surprises in March!

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