Ultimate Garage Find!




On his way back from a Holiday ski trip in Steamboat, CO, Fuelfed FFG100 member Chris G. stumbled upon the perfect Fuelfed garage find in Rapid City SD. Chris literally, found the perfect 7,000 sq. ft. garage with vintage signage already in place.




It spurred us to do a little digging. Here’s what we found out: Since its construction in 1929, the Motor Service Co. building has managed to avoid the modernization, expansion and flight to the suburbs that most early car dealerships went through. In fact, this building has never been restored. It still retains the classic 1920s automobile dealership features.




From 1929 until 2006, Edgar Morrison and then his son, John Morrision, operated Motor Service Co. The Morrisons had a knack for signing up as dealers for car brands that didn’t completely catch on with the American driving public. Names such as Graham-Paige, Hudson, Studebaker and then ultimately Austin, Triumph, MG, Jaguar and Alfa Romeo. Amazingly, it still sits untouched.


motor-service-SD .



2 Responses to “Ultimate Garage Find!”

  1. Shahin Dejy Says:

    Very cool building and blog. But Alfa Romeo is a brand I’m not familiar with!!!

  2. Ryan Bahrke Says:

    I love this. Great post!

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