Burt Levy’s Perspective on Fuelfed & Spontaneous Combustion




The famous automotive author and insightful verbal colorist; Burt Levy, recently gave his perspective on July’s Spontaneous Combustion at the The Last Detail. We’ll let him tell it his was below. We also want to thank Tom & Ted for hosting our little gathering.  Make sure to stop their shop in Kenilworth and visit them online.




“Thanks to Fuelfed, there’s a bunch of organized & purposely under-the-radar local car crazies who do several relaxed, informal, eclectic & thoroughly enjoyable “coffee and classics” around Chicago’s generally posh North Shore each year. They also do these so-called “spontaneous combustion” gatherings at various Places of Interest that are more-or-less motorized Flash Mobs of neat cars and the neat people who own, are attracted by or find themselves incurably addicted to them.




The point here is that there was one last Thursday at my friend Tom Snellback’s nifty The Last Detail Galleria in Kenilworth, and so Carol and I decided to attend (there was a nice meal at a nearby restaurant that serves organic chicken thrown in for spouse sugar).
Now Tom used to race with us quite a bit (and he was damn good at it, too) but he’s been busy the last many years running his successful and highly respected The Last Detail restoration shop & showroom up in North Chicago, IL. But I’d never been to his new showroom/art & memorabilia gallery on Green Bay Road (just about a mile from where I grew up) and it is really something special. Made even more special by all the hot and cool cars the Fuelfed types arrived in!




We had everything from an elegant Chapron-bodied 1950 Delahaye coupe to a sharp red Alfa Montreal to an incredibly sanitary and only slightly rod-ized early fifties Dodge wagon (mit small Hemi, of course) to a rather charming black Ferrari 250GT PF coupe, plus the usual and expected XKEs, upright & arthritic Brit 4-bangers, Alfa Giuliettas, Duettos, GTVs, etc.




Porsches of every conceivable age and description and an absolutely GORGEOUS, just finished & beautifully detailed TVR Vixen with a Rover aluminum V8 (the old GM Buick-Olds-Pontiac aluminum V8 second-handed to the Brits) stuffed neatly inside.




The thing was molten-lipstick red with white racing stripes, and it really brought a smile to the faces of both wife Carol and myself on account of we courted in a similar car back when I had an excruciatingly serious case of TVR-itis (from which, to be honest, I’ve never fully recovered).”

– BS Levy





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