FFotW: 1984 Euro BMW 745i 5 Speed



Posted 8.5.14

We’ve driven these up at Union Grove as drag cars and crushed feeble muscle cars and turbo Jap cars in our wake. But we never had one where we could change our own gears when we wanted. With the classic European car market booming and everyone scrambling for patina’d Alfa’s, this 745i is entreé into the rarified arena of understated Q cars. Add the correct mods and 5 speed like this one and now you’re the sledge hammer.

Our seller states:

1984 BMW E23 745i Sedan M30 European Model (Grey Market) Garaged kept and stored.
The e23 745i was never sold in the US, so every one of them is a gray-market import; in this case the car was originally purchased by our father (original owner) who really wanted one and went to extreme lengths to purchase, import and federalize the car.
The 745i was also sold only with an automatic transmission; this car is converted to 5-speed. Conversions: Dinan Hop up kit which includes the following: an over sized T04 Garrett turbo charger, high performance camshaft, custom manifold and stainless steel exhaust to adapt to T04 turbo, K&N air intake & filter, K&N full kit air and fuel ratio monitors, larger fuel injectors, Electronic ignition retard, Haltech electronic fuel injection EFI-F3, Bosch 132, 5PSI fuel pump, lowered fully independent adjustable 4 wheel suspension, and BBS RS3 wheels ($3300.00) and much much more…… Odometer Mileage 287157 (Kilometer) 178431 (Miles) on the body. There’s about 25,000 on the motor since rebuild.

This 745i is located in the Detroit area.

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