Fuelfed UDA Tour Trailer



Our first crack at a GoPro, and window mounted camera. We had Catalyst do a quick trailer. With a steep learning curve and very limited typographic control, they still quickly produced an entertaining clip non-the-less.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t import stills to include the best part …the 27 other Fuelfed members following the camera car.

Make sure to have your audio on when viewing.




4 Responses to “Fuelfed UDA Tour Trailer”

  1. Jim Says:

    Very cool! Creative credits! Thanks for visiting our back roads.

  2. theresa diana Says:

    Great job B. Looks like you had a fun afternoon.

  3. Jean Trnka Says:


    This was a really nice first try on your video. I even watched it twice! (From my recliner)

    Thanks for posting. I miss this. Six weeks out of summer is a realllllly looooong time. No driving, races, car shows, rally’s….


    Three more loooooong weeks.

    Thanks again,


    BTW check out CHESSE (cheese?)


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