June 2014 Fuelfed Coffee & Classics Recap



Fuelfed-coffee-classics-alfa-montreal .

June’s Coffee & Classics was a special treat with Alan bringing his early Delahaye straight out of hibernation and Philippe with his 17,000 mile Alfa Montreal. Another treat was the plethora of Vincent motorcycles with a very strong mix of other vintage European bikes. BMW R69S’s, Ducati 900SS’s, Moto Guzzi V7’s, Norton Commandos etc.., all smartly parked three deep taking up very little space at the request of leader Johnny Scheff. It reminded us of the old Highland House days.




Little Ricki’s was fanned by Black Shadows, Rapides and Comets setting a new record of Vincents ridden to a local event. We are honored to be in the record books for such a rare privilege. The spectators loved ’em!

Fuelfed is also honored to once again be nominated to FIVA as a leading car club in promoting and supporting awareness to vintage automobiles. Thanks truly goes to our members.




Oh yeah…cars. You name it , if it’s vintage European, it was there.. Aston, Devin, Jaguar, Ferrari, Lancia, TVR, Alfa, Lamborghini, Maserati. Yep, even an illegal race car. The below photos do no justice to the beauty and volume of classic European cars in attendance .







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