Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Metal



Talk about provenance. While stationed in Germany, Elvis Presley fell in love with this white BMW 507 and bought it.

Apparently tired of having love-crazed women write their names and numbers in lipstick on it, Elvis had it painted red. We were forced to do the same thing once with a 1963 Rambler for precisely the same reason.


It’s been in storage for decades and is now being restored by none other than BMW.

As there were only 254 of these made, one can only imagine the value after restoration. Or the value before restoration with original patina such as it is.

Who knows, there might even be the remnants of a desiccated peanut butter and banana sandwich smashed between the seat and the console, accidentally dropped by the King during a spirited drive through Memphis oh so long ago.

Full story at Jalopnik.


One Response to “Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Metal”

  1. bmw325_num99 Says:

    The Jalopnik story states he traded the 507 for different one, he didnt paint it. Great story either way! I do not have the same problem.

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