Fuelfed® Coffee & Classics®: Sunday June 29, 2014




Fuelfed® Coffee & Classics® is this Sunday, June 29th. We are having special guests from the Chicago Section of the Vincent Owners Club attending this month. Don’t be afraid, these guys are more passionate about their incredible machines than any Porsche owner. Those members who own vintage European motorcycles are welcome to ride in as well. Sorry your Road King can’t park inside the designated parking areas.

Classic European motorcycles will park from Lincoln/Elm in front of Little Ricky’s and stage north. Those with small trailers (shame on you) can park just south of the entry gate on Lincoln. Please click on map below to enlarge.



Four items to know about June Coffee & Classics

1. All paid Fuelfed members have received their membership packets by now. Those drivers displaying their Coffee & Classics 2014 decal or show their Fuelfed membership card at the entry gate will get priority parking on north Lincoln and on the bridge. Those with out decals or cards will park in the Day Pass area. See map above.

2. While we encourage all to become paid members, all European classics will be welcome throughout the season. There will not be an entry fee.

3. Those new to Fuelfed and C&C who would like a little more info, can go here.

4. This is private club event for our members, their guests and those interested in joining. The public is always welcome. However, we take our members privacy very seriously and soliciting for interests outside Fuelfed activities, charitable or otherwise, is strictly prohibited.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone. While there will be a bit of an adjustment to figure out what works and doesn’t with traffic and parking, the goal is to continue to have a casual car morning gatherings of camaraderie with a little more parking.




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